Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chapter Two: I Am Nailed To The Hull

Yes, Miles, I'm beginning to know how you felt.

What great and good friends I have in the blogging community, as one implies that I have been played like a Stradivarius by someone now perceived to be Benedict Arnold:

This wasn't payback--- Unless payback is preemptive. The fundamental difference between her and Harold is that she believes in giving handjobs to the activist wing of the party. She pretends to give a damn what we care about. He doesn't.

And my other co-conspirator, who believes I have inadvertently given off the impression to the African-American community that I have become the bastard grandchild of Lester Maddox:

Sorry to bitch slap you, LWC. Of course, I am not suggesting and don't mean you are "reflexively against African-Americans in [your] district." Or, certainly, purposefully against them either.

But mindful of the resentments and attitudes expressed by many local African-American Democrats that whites don't support black Democratic candidates (see August elections), I am simply pointing out that perception can matter more than reality sometimes - as I well know from the reaction to my support of certain judges over others last July. I have good reasons - I'm sure you do too, but things such as this keep rifts open and/or widen them.

Well, OK then. I trust them to point things out to me when I may not clearly see them.

I'm still taking in all of what happened on Tuesday, and welcome your thoughts as well.


Sharon Cobb said...

Watch Ramsey back Kurita's cigarette tax.

I have thoughts about all of this (you proably won't like) about what happened over at my place.

You and Paula and others need time to recover from the shock before you're ready for the reality of the situation.

Denial is very common when one is betrayed by someone they trusted.

Desi Franklin said...

Cracker, although I'm sure it seems that way, I am not singling you out for criticism.

A post I never got around to because of post-election fatigue/holidays is a post I will follow up on about the white progressive bloggers' take on the Call me, Harold ad as absolutely no way, no how racist - anecdotal evidence that many local African-Americans didn't share that view to the contrary - and the complete disconnect between those two viewpoints.

Also, allow me to say that my support of our new Congressman after Tyson Pratcher dropped out of the primary and thereafter, and my support of certain white incumbent judges who are not Democrats (in non-partisan races), and my action figure nature on the SCDP executive committee, all have earned me negative reactions from certain African-American friends and colleagues as seemingly racist actions/attitudes - so I'm right there with you as an East Memphis white devil who has been accused of lacking understanding of other viewpoints. Now, does that make me Lester Maddox's whatever (i.e., a racist)? Certainly not, in my humble opinion of myself. But is my lack of awareness something, having been pointed out to me, that I am working on changing? Yes.

This was just such a glaring case of illogic to me, and like all the other cases I've mentioned, including mine, of lack of awareness of how it can be perceived by others who do not look like us, but with whom we share this community and our party, and with whom we need to forge mutual trust and shared vision and goals. I think all that is worth disrupting our complacency and some re-examination of ourselves.

LeftWingCracker said...


Actually, Desi, I didn't want to seem thin-skinned about this, as a lot of us have talked about this in the past (going back to last summer.

It's just that, at the end of a day when someone I had spoekn up for LOUDLY and LONGLY (Kurita) did something that affected all who supported her, I attempted to find humor in all of this with the Miles Cowperthwaite comparison.