Monday, April 28, 2008

I have to post something?

How about this on Little League vs. Christian Little League. Geez, I thought regular Little League was full of holier than thou parents who push their kids too much. Remember, regular Little League has not just Christians, but lots of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Shinto, and various other religions so this guy who says Little League should embrace GOD is uh... wrong.


Len said...

From the linked news article:

Kaplan responded with a four-page letter declaring only God could judge the dispute. He said no one would confuse his Coral Springs group with a secular organization and argued the phrase "little league" had entered the common vernacular.

"Christian Little League was GOD's idea and it is a great and wonderful idea," wrote Kaplan, who grew up Jewish and converted to Christianity. "I have no plans on changing the name GOD gave me."

Oh Jebus... he's one of those wackos. Good luck to Little League on their lawsuit, because this guy is obviously a couple tacos short of a combo plate.

captainkona said...

We have truly entered the twilight zone. *(

As a "Christian", I'm pretty sure Little League evolved from oh, say...other organized youth activities.

Don't tell Kaplan. Entertainment like this is priceless. ;)

lovable liberal said...

So there's not enough god in youth sports?!