Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wait, there's an election today?

Yeah, it sure hasn't seemed like it, has it?

Ok, here's who I voted for and who I would have voted for if I lived in their district:

Mayor - AC Wharton (reluctantly)

District 5 - write-in (sorry, Jim Strickland, can't let you just walk in!)

SD 9-1 - Paul Shaffer, because he is the best man for the job and I am tired of developers running everything.

SD 9-2 - Shea Flinn, despite voting with the White Brigade so often, does a very good job and asks the right questions.

SD 9-3 - I wrote in Steve Ross, because Reid Hedgepeth was inexplicably unopposed.  And we wonder why there was low turnout.

City Court Clerk - Thomas Long -the most underrated public servant we have, needs to think about higher office.


Council 1 - Kendrick Sneed - because Bill Morrison turned his back on those who got him elected, and began to suck up to Steve Gaines.  Fool me once, maybe, but not twice.

Council 2 - Sylvia Cox - she would be a progressive voice in the hinterlands, she faces an uphill battle against Bill Boyd, who knows where the bodies AREN'T buried.

Council 4 - Wanda Halbert - cringe all you want to, but look at her challengers and tell me there's someone better.  Every time I ask her about something, she responds, whether I necessarily agree.  She is the best in her field.

Council 6 - Edmund Ford, Jr. - if it were HIM running for Mayor instead of his father, I would be leading the parade on his behalf.  A thoughtful, hardworking Councilor, he deserves as many terms as the law will allow.

Council 7 - Scott Banbury - He lives and works in the district, and in Cypress Creek, not Harbor Town.  He may not be the candidate of the Poplar Corridor, but he's the right choice for this district.

SD 8-1 - sorry, I just can't recommend anyone here.

SD 8-2 - Janis Fullilove - Yes, we are all sadly aware of Janis's personal problems, how can we miss them?  At the end of the day, she votes correctly more often than not.  I wish she could get past her past, this is her last chance.

Harold Collins (3), Jim Strickland (5), Myron Lowery (8-3) and Reid Hedgepeth (9-3), as well as the City Court Judges were unopposed.  For the record, Lowery would get my vote in a heartbeat, and probably Strickland too, despite voting with the White Brigade.

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