Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Carol's in for AG

Just sent to me in email:


            -Chumney Files to Run for District Attorney         
            Contact: 634-6540

Today, Carol Chumney, trial attorney, former Tennessee state legislator, and Memphis City Council woman,  filed to be the next D.A. vowing to bring equal justice to all—including white collar criminals, and to enforce the highest standards of professionalism.

            “At the local courthouse, the lady holding the scales of justice, is a symbol that in our country noone is above the law.”, says Chumney.  “I vow to protect our community from those who prey on the vulnerable, such as senior citizens who are scammed by con artists, children and youth from sexual predators, families from domestic abuse, workers who are not paid  equally for their work, and the trusting public that suffer abuses from even the most prominent professionals in our community—lawyers, doctors, and bankers . When I take office as D.A. noone will be above the law anymore.”

            As D.A. , Chumney will enforce the highest standards of professionalism to those who serve the public, starting with that office.  The D.A. will serve the citizens equally and provide justice for all.

            Chumney brings over 25 years of experience as an attorney in state and federal courts, along with 13 years of state legislative experience passing laws to protect citizens from criminals. She is the former President of the Memphis Federal Bar Association, served as an appointee to two Tennessee Supreme Court Commissions, and as an office of the House Judiciary and  Children & Family Affairs Committees. 

            During her career, Chumney has been recognized for her outstanding service by the local women’s bar, and earned statewide awards for her work to protect victims of domestic violence, and for consumer protection.  

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