Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am not fond of Democrat on Democrat violence

Because the Republicans are screwing us hard enough in redistricting, I hate when Democrats turn on other Democrats.  That is what has happened TWICE the last two days, by male Democrats on female Democrats.  First, if you haven't seen it, go over to Ross' place to watch Antonio Parkinson table a DEMOCRATIC amendment by Jeanne Richardson adding precincts to the district which they share for the moment.  I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was a rookie mistake, at least I hope so, for his sake.  And, as Jeanne pointed out, it's not HIS district, it belongs to the voters.

Jeanne is a fearless voice for women's rights and LGBTQ rights, and I want her to run SOMEWHERE this year.

However, there is another situation where someone who knew better made a crap move on a fellow Democrat, a COLLEAGUE, and is forcing out yet another voice for women's rights, children's health, safety and protection and the LGBT community, Beverly Marrero.  Yes, Jim Kyle, I am talking to YOU.

Kyle had been targeted for ouster by the GOP for a while once the disaster known as the 2010 elections occurred, so it was no surprise when his District 28 was moved east and included Senator Brian Kelsey of Germantown.  This would have meant they would face off this year, which Kelsey apparently agreed with.  The GOP, not apparently fond of either, felt that no matter who left, they won.

Then, Kelsey apparently whined, so Senate 28 was shifted to Middle Tennessee (we were going to lose a seat anyway due to population shift) and the District was renumbered 31.  THIS meant that now the election was shifted back to 2014 and Kyle, with 28 shipped off to the hinterlands, would be forced out of the legislature.  Well, that's what happens when you let your majority go.

Now, why the GOP didn't tell Kyle to go piss up a rope, I don't know.  Kyle apparently plead his case to the point where they essentially OK, shut the hell up, here's your district back, go beat Marrero.  I presume the GOP's thinking was that they were getting rid of another liberal AND a woman, two things they hate.  They even gave him back some of his old District, which Beverly was preparing to run for this year.  It will still be called District 30, but it more closely resembles the old 28.

Before you come at me with that "but he's the senior Democrat" business, I respond, SO WHAT?  What's he done with it?  He protected John Wilder to the point he didn't see it coming when Rosalind Kurita voted for Ron Ramsey to flip the Senate into GOP Control in 2007.

Whenever he has attempted any moves to break his mold in the past, Jim Kyle has backed out.  In 2002, he ran, for a while, for County Mayor, then backed out when rumors that AC Wharton would enter the race.  Then, he ran for Governor, and ran hard for what, just a few months?  Then he announced that he didn't see a way forward even if he won the Democratic nomination because of the wealth of GOP eventual nominee Bill Haslam and was dropping out, AGAIN.  I hate to point out that Bill Haslam was just as much a candidate when Jim Kyle announced he was running as when Senator Kyle withdrew.  I still don't know what the hell changed.

Then, as you'll recall, many of us asked him to consider a run for Attorney General in Shelby County, since we knew he was going to be run out of the Senate.  After a while he said no, his duties to his law firm prevented another candidacy.  And another Senate race won't be a candidacy?

All in all, he may well go back to the Senate, and since I am now in District 33, I can't vote, but I will tell you this much: Beverly, if you want to run for that seat, I will go walk that district with you, because we can't afford to lose YOU. It looks like she is ready to do it, judging by this quote from today's CA:

Said Marrero: "It's my district, 30, and I'm going to run. It will be interesting. Those days of women just saying, 'You take it and I'll go home,' are over."
I will be there with you, Beverly, and I won't be alone; go also read this terrific post from Tennessee Talking Points!


Benintn said...

Yo, dude, if you're not into it, then why are you doing it?

Steve Steffens said...

Ben, I understand where you're coming from here. This is the sort of thing that should have been worked out in Caucus beforehand, so everyone knew where they stood. This was just a blatant power play on Kyle's part.

At the end of the day, Kyle is supposed to be a leader; he is is supposed to take bigger risks and lead the troops into battle. Unfortunately, on this matter, just as he has every other situation I mentioned, he has shrunk at the critical moment.

I am actually glad we are having this fight, the more I think of it. The GOP NEVER misses an opportunity to advance its agenda, and the Democrats in Tennessee can't see to tell anyone what they are actually FOR, except that they are not Republicans.

Beverly, like Jeanne, stands up and is out front about who we are and what we are supposed to be about, and their reward is to be tossed in pits for survival.

As a LIBERAL Democrat, I will not longer accept being told that I have to shut up lest we offend someone. By heavens, we NEED to offend the people who are destroying this state.

If we can't define who we are and what we are for, in THE STARKEST OF TERMS, then we are doomed to minority status for the next generation.

As Spartan mothers once told their sons about to leave for battle, come back WITH your shield or ON it!

Anonymous said...

All Democrats, even most Democrats, are not as keen on this LGBT stuff as you assume.

I for one haven't felt well-represented either by Jeannie OR Bev, both of whom I was key to getting in their current offices. How soon such people forget.

Yes, Jim Kyle has chickened out on several career moves; he'll have to live with that.

One Democratic Senator and two representatives had to go; now the voters get to decide which ones they will be. That is somehow more wrong than letting Republicans in the GA decide?

Steve Steffens said...

Well, no, Mute, it isn't, but indirectly, by gutting Beverly's district rather than Kyle's, the GOP in the GA did make that choice.