Monday, April 09, 2012

SCDP Happy Hours to begin this week!

From Antonias Hawkins at the SCDP:

The Shelby County Democratic Party is really excited to announce that we are starting a happy hour event twice a month around our great city of Memphis! Come join us as we discuss current issues, the election and of course what the SCDP is going to do to ensure a successful year! This is a great networking opportunity and we are looking forward to having more youth participation as it is on us to make our future a great one!

Our first happy hour event will be this Thursday (April 12) at Slider Inn from 5-7pm!! The address is 2117 Peabody Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104. Obama 2012 and Shelby County Democrats gear will be available!


Steve Tapp said...

Do you really think this is a yourh vote building year?

BTW, you did not remove the virus/exploit link from your code despite my attempt to help, so I am unsubscribing to your feed after this comment.

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Steve Tapp said...

OK, you're reinstated.