Friday, May 04, 2012

Go read Newscoma. NOW, please.

The best writer I know is having a rough week, and I think you should go read her now.  And while you are at it, kick a little in the Paypal over there while you are at it, if you can, because for some reason while Republicans support their own financially, Democrats do NOT, well, most of them, anyway.

Seriously, she writes, she sends out the terrific DAILY BUZZ every morning (and if you are a lefty, you should sign up if you have not already done so) and she is trying to stay afloat as best she can.  When she wrote about this other day, she was attacked by Freepers.  I took this as a sign that she is being wildly successful at bring ALEC's evil to light, so they sicced the Freepers on her.

In short, we need to rally behind her now, and fully support her fight, because it is OUR fight, too.

Go read her and appreciate her, because she is badass and fighting for US.

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