Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The question no one seems willing to ask Judge Mays

For all of the hoo-haw regarding the selection of Rick Masson as Special Master over the school merger (1 - if you're going to have such a thing, he's the one to have, because he can facilitate damn near anything, 2- $250/hour is a hell of a nice compensation), something seems to be overlooked.

Why, after all this time, has Judge Samuel H. "Hardy" Mays avoided making a ruling on the County Commission's suit that says the MSDs amount to de facto re-segregation of our school system?  He keeps having status conferences, he names a Special Master, but at some point, he HAS to rule on the motion.

It's as if he keeps looking to the TN General Assembly to get him out of this mess, but it is not going to happen.  Could it be because he KNOWS that he has to agree with them, killing MSDs in Big Shelby permanently?  At the heart of the suit, the numbers are there to prove the Commission's point, that this is nothing more than an attempt to put back the wall that was torn down with the surrender of the MCS Charter.

Oh, and media folks?  Why the hell aren't you asking what's taking so long?

Every day he waits, Judge Mays prolongs the problems of the merger.  End this madness now, your honor, and make the ruling that you know in your heart you have to make.  If Robert McRae could do it 40 years ago, so can you.

UPDATE:  I have been advised by our friend and Councilor Shea Flinn that trial has not been held yet for that part of the motion.  My mistake.  However, then the question is changed to this: Why have we not had the trial for that port of the motion?

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TJI! said...

It is so sad to see this evil developing right before our very eyes. To men such as Sen. Mark Norris and their co-horts, they see themselves as protecting the futures of their children at the expense of others but their misguided agenda is for their children and grandchildren must learn to live in a world where white men have to get along with others, not rule over them.
The really sad shame of it all is that, (even though at the time they were written their intent was purely paternalistic), we are approaching more and more the America described in the founding documents, and Tennessee could be a bright light in leading the way. Without question the Norris gang are intent on keeping as many black Memphians under an unfair yoke of treble obstacle clearance to achievement. It is simply evil.