Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Run, Sara, Run!!!!

Well, it seems as though my friends Matt Kuhn and Michael Lipe have started a page on Facebook to encourage the last Democratic statewide-elected official NOT named Bredesen to run for Governor in 2014.  After thinking about this, I LIKE the idea, for more than just the reasons they state.

What, you don't know who they mean?  Let me let them tell you:

Aside from Phil Bredesen, who was the last Tennessee Democrat elected to a statewide office in Tennessee?
Sara Kyle
In 1994, one of the worst years for Democrats in Tennessee, who was the only democrat to win a statewide office?
Sara Kyle

Who was the last woman elected state wide in Tennessee?
Sara Kyle.

Who could start tomorrow with an organization spanning from the tri-cities where she was born, Nashville where she served in state government to Memphis where she is a wife, mother and church member?
Sara Kyle

Who could start raising money next week through national women's groups for public service?
Sara Kyle
Who was perceived as the best campaigner in the last democratic primary for Governor?

Sara Kyle (I'll give you that comes from her husband, Sen Jim Kyle)
Who cares about the people of Tennessee and the consumers she looked out for as the Director of TRA than our current Governor, who seems more interested in giving kickbacks to cronies than working for Tennesseans.
Sara Kyle
Who does Tennessee need to protect working Tennesseans?
Sara Kyle

Please forward this to interested Tennesseans who want Sara Kyle to run for Governor - who stands for all Tennesseans.
Run, Sara, Run

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