Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This, my friends, is how you LEAD.

BRAVO to the House Democratic Caucus for working with the Nashville LGBT community for a fundraiser for the Caucus.  They correctly perceived that the community should be natural supporters of the Democratic Party and that by standing with your friends, your friends will stand with you.

Now it's time to do that here in Memphis and other urban areas across the state.  This is a sign that SOME PEOPLE in the Democratic Party understand where our future lies and where the population is growing.

Great work, House Democratic Caucus, big props to Leader Fitzhugh, Caucus Chair Mike Turner and the entire Caucus for their forward-thinking leadership!


Unknown said...

How did you learn of this?

I looked on and found NOTHING about this.
Is the web designer too busy or--as I suspect, are they tooooo scared of giving offense to the GOP/TeaNuts?

I also found nothing on


Steve Steffens said...

I was contacted by one of the organizers of the event. As it is a political fundraiser, it may not be on the Out and About calendar.

Unknown said...

I appreciate that you passed the info along.
I do have a few questions just to toss out there.

How are people supposed to know about this if one is not on the "right" mailing list.
Shouldn't the TNDP be promoting this? Shouldn't they be trying to get the word out thru the gay media?
We are more inclined to the D party mostly because the R's are so viciously hostile to our liberty and right to live but unless the D's come out of the closet and actually publicly and vigorously support us---why bother? We've been thrown under the bus before, notably in 2006 when the D's could've stopped the anti-equality marriage Amendment in the Legislature but they instead voted overwhelmingly against us.

Steve Steffens said...

First, I agree with you that the TNDP should be more out front, but remember, this event is being sponsored by the House Democratic Caucus and not the TNDP, this is for the Democrats in the State House.

And also, the TNDP is not much help to ANYONE these days, sadly. I will note that most of the legislators who voted for the anti-equality amendment were beaten by the GOP, so fat lot of good THAT did them to vote for it.

We have to change the party, and this is the first step.

Unknown said...

So the TNDP can't be bothered to even put up a notice about it? Sad.

I went to
and found nothing about it. The calendar was blank and nothing was in the "newsroom" section.

Sad sad sad.

I personally spoke to Gary Moore about this and he voted against us.

Thanks again for the info.

Unknown said...

Any idea how this went? I couldn't attend due to other priorities.

Still nothing about it anywhere, certainly not here: