Thursday, November 21, 2013

I still don't know how I will vote for pre-K

While I agree with the concept of universal Pre-K, I don't like the way the Memphis Pre-K initiative is going about it, there no accountability for this commission, it's elitist as hell and they insist if we don't give them the half-cent sales tax increase, Pre-K will NEVER happen in Memphis. Their website is here, but they sound to me like this:

 The Anti-Sales Tax website is here, and I agree with a lot of what they say, except for the bogus $57 million argument (and yes, Reverend, I am talking to YOU here). I think the Antis are on point when they say that the most important time in a child's life is from birth to 3, before the time Pre-K would exist. Also, the Pre-K side conveniently neglects how important environment is to a child, so even if they get the full benefits of Pre-K, if their homelife is unstable, how long can it last? Even if we do this, it is not the game-changer that it is made out to be. We have to address poverty from birth to adulthood, and if we as a city, a county, a state, a region or a nation are not willing to do this on the massive scale that it needs to succeed, this is just a way to say "SEE, WE TRIED, BUT THEY ARE INCORRIGIBLE, LET'S JUST LET THEM DIE" if it fails. I feel like I am being guilt-tripped into voting for this, I won't know until I get off the bus at my polling place at 5:40 tonight how I am going to vote. Check out both sites and decide for yourself.

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Mark Rogers said...


I worked for almost eight years to expand Pre-K in Tennessee and nationally. Never did I meet anyone or any group of advocates who denied the importance of the home.

In fact it is arguable that Pre-K's most important benefits relate to helping children overcome the barriers of dysfunctional families. Put simply, for too many children the hours in Pre-K are the best {and pretty much the only} good part of their day.

Don't let the poor messaging of one group undermine something as outstanding as Tennessee's Pre-K program. Fix the system after you win the battle.