Thursday, March 06, 2014

Reginald Milton for County Commission, District 10

If ever someone's time has come, it's Reggie Milton's time.  Although he has never held elective office, his non-profit organization South Memphis Alliance has been a ground-breaker in bringing necessary social services to low-income families at, of all places, a LAUNDROMAT.  As this is widely used by the residents of the area, it helps them to access needed services that they might not otherwise be able to access.

Reggie is a pioneer in South Memphis and has worked with local officials in every area of government, making him particularly well-suited to serve the constituency of District 10.  I trust him to do the right thing and I know that not only is he the best candidate in the race, he will be the best public servant.

His primary opponents are former MCS Board member Martavius Jones and Jake Brown, who did some work for the State Party here before leaving to work for Liz Rincon's firm, which he has also left.  Jones did the right thing by voting for the MCS charter surrender, but his overall body of work on the Board was not, in my opinion, much more than adequate.

Brown is attempting to get the white Democratic vote (which, given the number of Midtown Democratic activists lined up behind Reggie, is rather puzzling) and has also been seen with folks formerly associated with, but now against, Congressman Steve Cohen.  THAT won't help Brown in Midtown, that's for sure.

It will be a heavily contested race, as Jones does have some well-heeled backers.  However, Milton does as well, and I think that the combination of organization and work-ethic that Reggie has displayed for all the years I have known him will carry the day.

I trust Reggie Milton, I support him and will vote for him for County Commission.  I hope that you will as well.

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