Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's time for new young candidates, and I have one in mind for Commission 13

To steal a line from ESPN's 30 FOR 30, what if I told you that, in County Commission 13, currently occupied by Republican Steve Basar, that there was a person living there who first ran for office at the age of 18, causing filmmakers to put his campaign in their documentary about four young candidates?

What if I told you that this person went on to serve his County and his Party on the County Election Commission, pointing out flaws in the operations of our elections?  After graduating from the University of Memphis, this person then went on to work alongside Music Legend David Porter at his fabled Consortium Memphis Music Town.  He had already run a record label BEFORE HE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL.

If we are going to elect a Democrat to Commission District 13, we need someone with passion, with organization skills, with dedication to public service, and with the ability, frankly, to raise the funds necessary to unseat a sitting Commissioner.

I believe that man is George C. Monger III, the man I have just described.  I don't know if he is considering the run, but I am asking him to do so by way of this post.  I believe he has the abilities necessary to win and to SERVE the entire community.  This is going to be a tough race, and we need someone with the energy and passion to succeed in the election and then on the Commission.

As a Democrat who has been around 40 years, I think George Monger is the type of person we need to run in this district.  I hope you will agree, and if you do, please say so in the comments.

Run George Run!!!!!

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