Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Follow up on Fields

Richard Fields has a conflict of interest in the District 29 issue, and this happens with attorneys from time to time.

As an attorney, if he truly believes that Terry Roland was wronged by the Shelby County Election Commission, he has the right to take the case IF he removes the conflict of interest, which is that he sits on the board of directors, or Executive Committee, of the Shelby County Democratic Party.

As I noted below, the only ways to remove the conflict of interest that he faces are either to drop the case or resign his seat on the Committee. It would be appreciated if this were to happen with all deliberate speed.


Len said...

Richard Fields has a conflict of interest in the District 29 issue, and this happens with attorneys from time to time.

Yes, that's true, but usually when it does it's because of some subtle thing, easily overlooked. Like you take on a client's case only to discover a month or two down the line that your client needs to sue one of your old clients. Or you take a client before you realize that she's going to sue someone that your partner or an associate represented a few years ago.

Prior to my career change I misspent ten years of my life in the malpractice of law. In that period, or afterwards, I've never seen a lawyer take on a case which was such a blatantly obvious conflict of interest. Is Fields often prone to brain spasms of this magnitude?

Blinders Off said...


I read your post on Thaddeus blog and you have a strong alligence to the Democrat Party.

A month ago during the Special Elections I asked you why should I continue to vote for Democrats, you never replied. I read the Republicans philosophy and what legislation they were responsible in passing for African Americans. I have yet found a website refrencing the Democrat philosphy; do you know of one? If you do know of a site or where I can find it please post it for me.

With the state America is in I am wrestling with why I should have alligence to either party. I decided during the Special Election to start voting for the person I believe will represent what concerns me in politics.

DynoDonkey said...


From your thoughtful comments on this issue - can I then assume that you are willing to sign onto Mr. Gill's resolution as a co-sponser?

LeftWingCracker said...

Were I still a member of the Executive Committee, I would indeed sign on as a co-sponsor.

this is a simple matter of conflict of interest, and Mr. Fields can resolve himself, I hope.

mike said...

I ask this in all sincerety: Isn't there also an issue with anti-Ford antipathy involving Fields? My understanding isn't that Fields wants a Republican to win (though that might certainly be the result of his action) but he wants a Ford to lose (which makes the Party's action against him justified) and to stop the Ford family? Isn't there also a certain amount of "clean government" idealism going on here?

ydog2 said...

Maybe, Fields just got on the committee in order to defeat David Cocke of the Ford faction. That is no reason to be on the Democratic Exc Committee.
Did he not look when he signed to be loyal to the Democratic party?

Blinders Off said...


I am sincere about the information I asked for in the previous post.

Rusty said...

Leftwing, how about a new thread? The GOP blogs are all avoiding talking about the recent egg on the face of the far right wing!

Will the ethical crisis in the national Republican Party prevent TN Republicans from even having a fighting chance in the upcoming elections?

Republicans in TN like to point fingers at the defendants in the TN Waltz Case and laugh “It’s more Democrats than Republicans going to jail!” But now the National Republicans are caught in the ethics snare and how will that impact the ’06 GOP candidates in Tennessee wrapping themselves in the national party platform?

Will the national Republican Party’s recent problem of foot-in-mouth disease prevent Ed/Van/Corker from having a fighting chance in the long run of the Senate campaign? Will they denounce Delay?

Will they join the chorus denouncing Bennett’s recent comments about aborting black babies to reduce crime?

Will TN Repubs criticize Frist if the current investigations proves the allegations of Martha-Stewart style stock trading?

Here is more on the current ethical crisis in the Republican Party:

U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas has been indicted for conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme, forcing him to temporarily step down from his leadership post. DeLay, one of the GOP’s leading national figures, dismissed the charges as baseless and politically motivated. DeLay’s indictment reverberated in federal and state political circles across the country. In Tennessee, the Democratic Party urged the Republican Party, which has called for the resignation of indicted lawmakers, to call for DeLay’s resignation from Congress. The Texas Republican vowed to fight the charges.

What Tennesseans are saying about the Delay case:

Frist’s Martha-Stewart-Style Stock trading? – Will he get an ankle bracelet too?

The Bennet Story

LeftWingCracker said...

Blinders Off, part of our problem is that we don't have a coherent message and that we spend too much time reacting rather than acting.

We have too many Democrats who are too timid to act.

I am curious as to what types of things the republican party is passing to help African-Americans. could you be more specific?

Blinders Off said...

Since I start voting 20+ years ago, Not a damn thing. I was referencing information from research I've been doing.

I don't have a love affair with Republicans and my love affair with Democrats ended in 2000. If there was ever a time for the Democrats to make a stand and not back done was then. Quoting Clinton in 2004 before the election: "If Bush get back in office we will not recognize America." Looks unrecognizable to to me with just one year in.

The Democrats have not been the same since Clinton left office. To be honest I am just frustrated because America is a mess.

Blinders Off said...

Re-responding to your question and response. I agree with your intro statement.


Thanks for responding. I have been voting Democrat all my life until the D29 Senate race. I was disappointed how nine candidates threw their hat in the ring. With that many Democrats the party did not show unity. During the Primary I voted Democrat, but when Ophelia won it something smelled fishy.

The Democrat Party should have stood firm in the 2000 Presidential Election. That election changed the way a lot of Americans feel about the political system. Clinton had the following to say before the 2004 Presidential Election, "If Bush is elected again we will not recognize America." America looks unregconizable to me after just one year into Bush's second term. God only knows what is to come. The Democrat Party has lost something since Clinton left office.

Finally, to answer your questions about what Rebuplicans did for African Americans, they haven't done a DAMN thing in my opinion since I have been voting. I was wanting to read the Democrats philosphy because the Republicans have theirs on the following link:

I found it interesting what they had to say and what they did for African Americans and I agree with some of their philosophy.

Don't get me wrong I am not leaning towards being a Republican and I am not please with voting Democrat at the present. To be realistic each party use African Americans for the vote to get in office, but as an African American it is time to stop being used during election time. I am going to continue to vote, but I am voting for the person who I believe will to right for all while in office otherwise I will use my vote to vote against them the next time around.

Anonymous said...

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