Friday, August 03, 2007

The Duggars have ANOTHER child.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Northwest Arkansas, members of the "Quiverfull" movement that preaches for their membership to breed like rabbits, welcomed their SEVENTEENTH child into the world yesterday, Jennifer. They're white and sweet and the Discovery Channel loves them, having built a house for them.

Would I be wrong in suggesting that if this were a black family in North Memphis, people would be SCREAMING about this? I don't think so.

Despite the fact that, to my knowledge, the Duggars are Protestant, not Catholic, I offer this in tribute to the birth of Jennifer Duggar:


leftwingcarolinablue said...

If, in your argument, the given "black family" couldn't provide their children with adequate food, shelter, health care and education, then anyone would be justified in "screaming" or raising questions. I, for one, would raise those same questions if the present white family cant' provide their children with those exact same things. Race, of course, of course, of course, remains the primary issue facing all of us who are Americans. Class and poverty are interconnected with race in historical, economic and social ways that anyone with both a grain of honest awareness--which excludes almost everyone in the White House--realizes remain intractable and incomprehensible. I might suggest, at the same time, that this family, simply due to their race and religion, are not somehow given a "free pass" whereas a similar black family would not. That ole dog don't hunt no more...

Freedonian said...

These people are going to have to learn that a vagina is not a clown car.

A. said...

I come from a large family - 6 kids. My dad has 6 siblings; I have 20 first cousins. My grandmother was the oldest of 10. I know from where I speak:

Every family, every parent has a limit. Usually, 6 is a max, but even 10 is managable. Not simple financially, but emotionally. I saw bits of one of the specials. I was nauseated. There is no way - NO WAY - either parent has a true relationship to any of those children. The older children are raising the younger ones. They aren't having kids because they want more kids - they are having them to provide ground troops for God's (i.e. Christian) war on infidels. They aren't raising a family; they're breeding cannon fodder.

On the official Quiverfull website, this is a suggested resource:
Birthing God's Mighty Warriors
Rachel Scott
A hard-hitting, scripturally based expose on the emotional, physical, and spirtual damage caused by the secular idea of birth control.

We are living in the last days. An annointed generation must come to earth to help prepare the way of the Lord. Many in this generation will be children. Will these chosen children be allowed to come? Satan is trying hard to prevent their conceptions and births. Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors exposes how Satan has used the secular idea of choice and modern medical advances to convince God’s people to limit their family size through birth control and sterilization. Sadly, thousands of couples are suffering emotionally, physically, and spiritually because they have chosen their own path. This book exposes how the enemy is using human reasoning, deception in the media, ideas in pop culture, and lack of knowledge of God’s Word to keep God’s people bound to a worldly mindset. Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors offers hope for restoration through God’s forgiveness. By revealing truth, it challenges young couples to learn from the mistakes of the past so they can be open to bring forth this anointed generation of children.

I went to Catholic school with a family that had 12 kids. They were awesome. The differeence between the Duggars and the Forbitos? The Forbitos had only one biological child. The other 11 were adopted - as old as 12. They were providing a home for abused, neglected, and abandoned kids and to my knowledge, did not take money from the government for foster care or other similar programs. There is a huge difference between that and breeding shock troops that you anticipate physically sacrificing to further your own selfish, twisted interpretation of a faith. IMHO,anyway.

Sharon Cobb said...

I love that video!

The scary thing is, in Tennessee, there are probably a significant amount of people who think that song is for real.

We need Monty Python in Tennessee!