Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Upward Turn of Events...

Last night, I received a phone call from a close friend of mine who is a principal advisor in the Chumney campaign, and my friend had startling news.

My friend called to tell me that Carol's fundraising, which has been her weak spot up to this point, had taken a dramatic turn for the better since the beginning of August, and she was now pulling in $3000-6000 A DAY.

I stopped my friend and advised that I was too smart to be spun or be fed bullshit. My friend was ADAMANT, noting that they had seen the figures for themselves, and they went on to tell me that the campaign would now more than adequately be able to compete once September hit and the stretch run for the mayor's race hit.

This tells me that people have finally come to the inescapable conclusion that the only candidate capable of unseating the incumbent is Carol Chumney. It stunned me, not because Carol couldn't do it, but because I was not sure that the citizenry of Memphis would give her a chance; this news reaffirms my belief that she can win this race.

She is gaining momentum every day, and I am asking to you to get on board if you want TRUE, SERIOUS change in the operations of the City of Memphis. We have until October 4 to win this race, and if you believe as I do that the future of this city AND this region is at stake, come by and help. Click on this link, and begin the process of reclaiming this city for ALL of its citizens, not just the developers and those who live in gated communities.

If not here, then where? If not now, then when? If not you, then WHO?

The time is now.


polar donkey said...

So what exactly was the incident that caused this reversal of fortunes? Just curious since not much has happened over the past couple weeks in the mayor's race. Are these big dollar donations or bunches of small donations?

I hope this is true and not gorilla dust thrown up by the campaign to counter negative talking points. I saw Thad writing about Carol being broke a couple days ago.

mike said...

Nice try; not buying. After all, you tried to claim that Herenton and Wharton were going to have a joint press conference where Herenton bowed out. Still waiting for that to happen.

Chumney's people claim they didn't even start fundraising until the last few weeks of the 2nd-quarter period, which is why their donations seem so small. Hard to believe, if you ask me.

Let's also remember that LWC is a hyper-partisan Chumney supporter with a vested interest in motivating supporters to give, give, give. Which, once you get past the initial claim, is what this post turns into.

My guess? It's your ol' good buddy Leftie here spinning furiously to get you to put some money into her coffers. Because she's lagging, poor, and worried.

The Big Me said...

bullshit... I don't buy and no one of intelligence will either. King Willie forever rules!!!

The Big Me said...

I mean I don't buy this...

LeftWingCracker said...

Ignore me at your peril; I'll leave it to you to wonder what happened when you see ads in September...

steve said...

What does Chumney offer that Morris doesn't, or vice versa?

How do their respective platforms differ?

Which one is most likely to defeat Herenton?

Why do you support Chumney?

LeftWingCracker said...

Platform differential, I really don't know.

I support Carol because, for 13 years as a State Representative and 4 years as a Councilor, she has worked for the best interests of her constituents, no matter their income.

In so doing she has angered developers, first by preventing them from incorporating their subdivisions as amoeba-like cities surrounding the city, choking off expansion.

She bailed out Mayor Herenton in Nashville, and stood up to former Lt. Governor Wilder, BEAT HIM on the issue, and walked away to tell about it.

She is accused of being hard to work with because she has this annoying habit of refusing to put up with bullshit and good-ole-boy backslapping.

Ask those who live in House 89 or Council 5 what she has done for them.

She will only appoint division directors who are as clean as a whistle, with no taint of backroom dealing.

She will work hardest in the areas that need the most work, and by the end of her first term, will have stunned the African-American community by helping them more in four years than Herenton did in 16.

Having dealt with a Mayor who refused to work with the City Council, she will take great pains to reach out to the mostly-new Council.

I could go on for 20 more paragraphs, but I have worked with her first-hand, and I have known her for 20 years, and I trust her not to sell out our citizenry, unlike Herenton.

I trust her to get things done, unlike Morris, who did a lousy job during Hurricane Elvis.

Unless you want four more years of Herenton, she is your best chance for change in Memphis.

GoldnI said...

Your mayor's race so far sounds a lot more exciting than ours up in Nashville. Next thing you know, after he loses, Bob Clement will try to claim he's actually from Memphis (he's already claimed to be both from the 5th and the 7th, why not the 9th?) and jump in too.