Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm just not that excited...

I can't get worked up over the Democratic presidential primary chase right now, it's too damned early.  Our primary is February 5 in Tennessee, but I can't get worked up in any way, shape or form.

If I had to rank them right now, it would be as follows:

1. John Edwards
2. Chris Dodd (yes, Chris Dodd, he's the only one showing testicular fortitude right now)
3. Dennis Kucinich (I agree with his issues more than I do any other candidate)
4. Mike Gravel (just kidding)
5. HRC
6. Barack Obama, he's just not sure enough of himself and he's too easily swayed.
7. Joe Biden, come on, he's just a slightly more liberal Joe Lieberman, and he's the biggest sellout possible to the financial services corporations.

Edwards, frankly, just isn't catching fire, as much as I agree with him economically.  Dodd is showing some fire, better than the rest, but probably not enough.  Kucinich, well, is Kucinich, and not a real possibility (sorry, Mike).

HRC is NOT Bill, and this would not be a restoration; at this rate, I'm ready for a constitutional prohibition against anyone named Clinton or Bush ascending to the presidency.  It's NOT 1992 anymore, people, we need to face the future and RESHAPE IT, not moon for the past.  

That seems to be lost on HRC's supporters, they seem to think that if she wins, it will immediately go back to 2000 and all will be bright and shiny again.  Bullshit.  The Goopers' only chance to win is if she wins the Democratic nomination, because it will mobilize every good ole boy who had given up on the Gay Old Party.  Fox News will show photoshopped films of HRC kissing Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden simultaneously, the morons who watch it will fall for it, and that will be that.

So, no, I'm not happy with what I see, I want RED MEAT.  I want a Democratic fire-breather who will say that Republican economics are of Satan (which, if I believed in Satan, are exactly that).  I want a Democrat from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, who will say screw Iraq, our folks will be home within 6 month of inauguration, someone who will have Bush and Cheney arrested immediately after inauguration and sent to The Hague for war crimes trials.

I want someone who is willing to reshape our economy to reduce our dependence on oil and make the country green.  I'm not seeing anyone out there who's doing it, and I'm not happy about it.

Flame away.


GoldnI said...

"The Goopers' only chance to win is if she wins the Democratic nomination, because it will mobilize every good ole boy who had given up on the Gay Old Party."

Not necessarily. A good chunk of that gets cancelled out if they get stuck with 9iu11ani.

I'm undecided between Obama and Hillary as of now, but IMHO this is one of Hillary's greatest strengths. John Kerry underestimated how low the right-wing noise machine could stoop, and I think Obama's underestimating it right now. There's no way Hillary could underestimate it at this point.

Just a thought.

LeftWingCracker said...

No, that's her strong suit as far as I'm concerned is that she does know how to fight back.


Heh, I like that....

Anonymous said...

OK, u made me look at some of these peeps' issues.

While I know no one else is going to think the same as I do on every issue, I can't reward the stupidity and gutlessness of Edwards, Clinton, and Dodd on authorizing war in Iraq. And I no longer see the point of insurance-mediated national health care these three want.

Kucinich and Gravel are best on the issues.

GoldnI said...

LWC, I'm a fan of subliminAL messaGOREs.

bob said...

LWC=preacher, bob=choir.

Wintermute: At least Edwards apologized. But yes, point taken. Agree on health care.

Andy Axel said...

Excitement is overrated.

This is the party that gave us the nominees Mondale, Dukakis, and Kerry, after all.

Maybe I missed the memo, but I don't think we're supposed to be excited about our candidates.

Jim Maynard said...

I pretty much agree with Cracker. I think Hillary Clinton would be a nightmare for the Democratic Party in 2008, and the wet dream of conservative Republicans who HATE her. HRC will guarantee massive GOP turnout regardless of their nominee and she probably will not even get the women's vote based on women I have talked to her will not vote for her.
HRC supporters have been claiming she is the best candidate to beat the GOP candidates, but new polls show that she LOSES to all of the GOP candidates, whereas Obama and Edwards could win. Democrats need to face reality and stop HRC now! I will vote for Kucinich in the primary because he is the most progressive candidate who stands up for our values, my second choice would be Edwards.
(Now I'm debating on whether to vote for Edwards or Kucinich in the primary. Kucinich is not going to win, and we need to get behind the next best candidate to stop HRC)... thinking... thinking...

leftwingcarolinablue said...

Literalizing your metaphor, what does "red meat" do after we enjoy its taste? Well, it clogs our arteries and restricts the flow of oxygen (life) into our blood (more life). Next, it adds more weight onto probably overwrought bodies and deprives us of the strength and energy (byproducts of life) necessary to resist the "Satan(s)" among us. You realize as well that consuming red meat only, as Upton Sinclair might say, adds--via our paying for the right to consume it--to the corporate profits we left wing types so often criticize.
If, in fact, you want "red meat," maybe you and the rest of us might want to think about what getting such a carnivorous brand of politics--and food for that matter--might come to mean. You may also remember that I had steak Saturday night, so at least my irony is in full swing.

Anonymous said...