Friday, November 23, 2007

Why Am I Still Awake?

It's 1:20 and I should be asleep, seeing as I have to be up at 6 to go to work, damn Black Friday. Lets do a list, things to be thankful and not so thankful for.

I'm thankful for the fact that I had LASIK surgery to correct my vision and my eyesight is almost 20/20, damn astigmitism.

I'm thankful that we can now go a couple of months before an election again.

I'm thankful that a couple of the sports heroes of my teens are playing at the top of their game again. Go Brett Favre and Grant Hill. Not so thankful on the amount of syncophaticness of the press corps covering Favre at least.

I'm thankful that my wife loves me and my son is growing up healthy and strong, if not the brightest in the world, he currently reminds of the kid in Parenthood who likes to ram his head into everything.

I'm thankful that we will more than likely win the Presidency back next year. Not so thankful that none of our current leaders have a collective set of marbles among them.

I'm thankful that the Tigers are going to a bowl game again. Not so much that I wish it was the Birmingham game because I could go, but thamks to Georgetown coming to town that day as well, we get to go lose to Troy in New Orleans.

I'm thankful that my current job is being outsourced I am leaving Sprint to do the same job I do now, intially for less pay, but shortly for the same.

I'm thankful that McDonalds makes good coffee, because my first stop when I leave in the morning will be there to pick some up.

I'm thankful for the creators of the DVR, without which I would have to make a choice between friends and Family Guy/Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother/Big Bang Theory and Chuck, and due to work and family I would miss Stargate:Atlantis, Reaper, and Life. If I something interesting on cable, I just check for the repeat, set it to record and forget about it till a couple months later when I'm bored and realize that I got some stuff ho watch.

I'm thankful for Daylight Savings Time, which as all retailers know, kills your business starting around 6 to 7.

I'm thankful for the makers of Bacardi Rum and Woodchuck Cidar, two of the best things ever.

I'm thankful for knowing a group of individuals who try to include me in their efforts despite what even I term is at best sporadic output.

I'm thankful for Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, Peter David, Brian Bendis, Ed McGuiness, Alan Moore, Bill Willingham, and others who work to create, improve, and mainstream a mediom that I love and spend way too much money on.

I'm thankful for Brian Deemer, Peter Rios, Brian Chrisman, Jamie Delassandro, Shane Kelly, and Adam Murdo who do their best to spread their love of the above medium with their CGS empire.

I'm thankful to Steve for letting me camp here so that my occasional wits and wisodm will be read.

I'm not thankful to Steve Nulroy and others who want to weaken this state's open meetings laws, yes they are draconian, but sometimes, that's a good thing.

I'm thankful that Carol Chumney lost. Let's be honest, she would have lost in four years anyway. Now, she can go back to defending people and advocating for the helpless as she did in her days before nad early days in the legislature.

I'm thankful for those of you who read this.

I'm thankful that the last two years have seen more turnover in the power structure than ever before in Memphis politics, a trend that should extend for the next few.

Finally, I'm thankful for Steve Ross, Pam, my wife, Jack, Stacy, Rick Maynard, Brassmask, Thaddeus Matthews, Paul Krugman, Olbermann, Steve Cohen, Jeff Webber, Greg Steinger, Michelle Newell, Lauren Hesse, Ann and Pete, Rusty and Sally, Kenneth and Alan, Dabney, David and Margo, Greg Miller, and Richmond Adams.

Fianlly, I want to thank me, without whom, none of this would be possible. Without my tireless commitment to occasional posts about nothing in particular, the Cracker would be all alone. Good Night or Morning as the case may be.