Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tuke's out, too; who's going to take on LAMAR!

Come on, people, LAMAR!'s not invincible, for heaven's sake!


Bob Tuke, ex-Marine, former TDP chair, seemed to me to be the type of guy who would be a bulldog, tearing up LAMAR!'s ass every chance he could get, the ultimate compare and contrast candidate.  Whether he won or not, he would force the GOP Old Guard to spend a lot of money on this race, keeping it out of others.

I knew it would be a tough race, and the old money would be behind Alexander, who has been around forever.  The plaid shirt is old news now, and with every national poll turning against Republicans, I thought we had a shot to make it close, if not outright win.

Some attorney from Nashville named Kevin Doherty has said he would run, but I have no idea who the hell he is; Kevin, if you're in this to run, email me so I can learn something about you.

This is not good news; sadly, we seem to be the one state where the Goopers still have some strength, and that is NEVER for the good, as Newscoma might say.