Saturday, December 27, 2008

Georgia on a Fast Train

Look, there's not going to be much politics from here until after January 5th, which is my 50th Birthday.

Until then, here's the greatest country singer/songwriter you've never heard of, Billy Joe Shaver. Enjoy.


Newscoma said...

Same thing at the 'Coma. And Billy Joe rocks!

Sharon Cobb said...

I've had the pleasure of co-writing with him. He's one crazy guy. He and my ex were close. Go figure. ;)

captainkona said...

Not a country fan, but that was more along the lines of Johnny Cash or Steve Earle.
REAL country I can handle, some Toby Keith rhinestone cowboy crap I can do without.

That was good. The guitarist wanted to cut loose, I can tell these things. ;)

"Mamma used to whoop me with a stratocaster".....