Sunday, September 13, 2009

It sure wasn't pretty, and it may get worse

Since Lauren was feeling too poorly to make our annual trip to Jackson for CelticFest Mississippi this weekend, I got to see lots and lots of college football (more than I think she realized I would watch).

And the annual weak start by the Memphis Tigers is in full bloom (or full wilt?) with a stinker of a performance at Murfreesboro against MTSU, losing 31-14 (the second TD came very late). This, of course, triggered lots of commenters stating enough was enough, and that Tommy West should be fired. Although West is known for complaining (with some justification) that the football facilities are inadequate compared to their C-USA sister schools, I would be remiss if I failed to note that Houston, who has even worse facilities than we do, marched into Stillwater, OK on Saturday and stunned #6 Oklahoma State, 45-35.

I am of the opinion that Tommy has taken this program as far as he can; however, given the fact that the facilities aren't really that good, what quality coach would come to Memphis? Seriously, who would come here, and if they were good, who would STAY?

The U of M administration from Shirley Raines on down needs to, as my late grandfather would say, piss or get off the pot. In order for Memphis to have a quality program, that means they have to make the same, or better, commitment to football that they do men's hoops. It means new practice facilities, new weight room, and well, (don't faint, Mrs. Green) maybe an on-campus stadium.

What changed my mind on the on-campus stadium? Go check out TCF Bank Stadium, a new, open-air 50,000 seat beauty in downtown Minneapolis, on the campus of the University of Minnesota. It has everything we would need, and I believe the footprint would be small enough to fit on campus, and it would dazzle recruits. You put something like that on campus, you'll get the right coach who could recruit the right players, and it just might be the thing that gets us in the Big East and the BCS.

If Dr. Raines and RC Johnson (who ought to be sacked in any event) are not willing to make that kind of financial commitment to football, then let's just stop half-assing it and drop the program altogether. We have hit a plateau, and now seem to be losing ground. No one wants to go back to the era when Tiger football was a joke, it either needs to move to the next level, or disappear.

For those of you working behind the scenes to get U of M into a BCS league, go check out TCF Bank Stadium, and see if you can't create a reasonable facsimile and build it. If not, then let's get out and find a basketball league for the Tigers, because people are tired of mediocrity. Do it right, folks, or not at all.


lilaruby said...

start with getting rid of RC Johnson...he is a snake oil salesman. "nuf" said.

Carrie said...

ITA with your last two sentences...but you probably knew that already. ;)

Mr Turnbow said...

Steve three years ago Jimbo Fisher was on his way to UAB to sign a contract for $750,000 a year. All UAB has is a weight room near the I-65 overpass. The trustees though backed out at the last second and he went to FSU. If UAB can come that close to getting Fisher then I know the U of M could get a coach of Jimbo's quality.

Julie said...

so proud of you, steve. :)

OCS aside, tommy's gotta go...but like you said, i don't exactly have faith in rc making the pick to replace him.

i would like to think that a certain transfer player coming in next year who is the son of a certain business mogul in the city may have a good effect on things, so for now i'm just keeping my fingers crossed.