Monday, May 17, 2010

Is this the greatest political ad ever or what?

Hat tip to Mike Silence:


captainkona said...

In person, I would have knocked that punk out about three sentences into it. Just that stupid, Brokeback Mountain lookin' hat is enough to bring out the violence in any old hippie. ;)

Fake cowboys...I hate fake cowboys.

Southern Beale said...

Day-yamn. Someone is vewy vewy angwy at the Republican Party.

He better be careful or he'll shoot his horse's eye out.

autoegocrat said...

I loved it, myself. I'd much rather debate with that guy than the boneheads the GOP has been putting up lately. I wish the Democrats ran ads like that.

captainkona said...


I would respond favorably to a Dem ad that shows a dude in the mountains shooting out tires on mining equipment whilst taking a huge bong rip.

That's change I can believe in.