Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We Interrupt Your Flood Coverage to Remind You That

Forty years ago today, four Kent State University students were murdered by the Ohio National Guard.

Never forget.

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callmeishmael said...

Yep, I'll never forget tales of honorable people who performed heroic service being apt upon and being called "baby killers" by spolied, deferment grabbing pampered chilkdren who pretended to give a crap about something other than their next test. When two of my students lost friends in Iraq--one of them literally right in front of his eyes--and Ex- President Knucklehead tried to cut VA funding his last year in office, I lost any patience with insipid people who don't even care enough to make distinctions between those who served and the worst and the dimmest who ordered them into impossible situations. I'll take the John Ford side here. KSU was a tragic, horrible, stupid and wasteful loss; those who served in Vietnam are not to be blamed for our failure of policy that led to the shootings. Those who served there and they who preceeded and followed them should receive from the taxpayers and the central government whatever they need for as long as they need it. Period. The deferment-grabbing--then and now--chickenhawks and just plain chickens should receive our contempt. Not much in the mood for forgiveness and reconciliation today--