Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been a week..

Well, there are things going on everywhere, and I have been following Twitter and Al-Jazeera English and Ross' ongoing coverage of the MCS battle and HOLY SHIT THERE'S A BLIZZARD OVER 1/2 OF THE COUNTRY, AND IT IS WORSE THAN 1967 IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember the 1967 blizzard that hit Northern Illinois, and if this is worse than 1967, it's pretty damn bad.  And tonight, it even scared the hell out of Jim Cantore on The Weather Channel with THUNDERSNOW!!!!!!

So, too much is happening too quickly for me to issue any kind of trenchant commentary.  Hell, I don't even care who wins the Super Bowl; I like the Montreal Alouettes!  Oh, wait, wrong trophy.

I heard tonight that the recently-re-elected TNDP Chair, Chip Forrester, has not hired a communications director yet.  Really, Chip?  With all the batshit crazy coming out of the legislature?  The Republicans are running on pure id these days, with 140 years of rage and payback backed up in their systems.  So, a Communications Director would be a good thing, wouldn't it?  One would think.  (UPDATE: I have been informed this morning that the process has been going on and should be over soon.  GOOD.)

Well, at least Spring Training is at hand, opening in less than two weeks with pitchers and catchers reporting.  I hope I get there, I am ready for outdoor sports that do not involve snow or ice.

At some point, I hope to get back to regular blogging, as I have a long story to tell you, but I don't yet know how it ends; that will decide what I can say, if anything.  I am fine, don't panic, but someday we will talk about it.

OK, back to the TV, I want to see Cantore scream like a little girl again...

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