Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Larry King-style Post

No, I'm not wearing suspenders, but remember those crazy, stream-of-consciousness columns the old Brooklynite used to write for USA TODAY?  Well, I am going to write one of my own today. Why?  BECAUSE, THAT'S WHY!

So whyizzit that there are public officials in this town that want to disenfranchise and disempower our own residents from deciding what we should do with our OWN school system? And No, I'm not just talking to Reverend Whalum, either....

I, for one, back Jay Cutler and don't think he "tapped out", as that great tackler of years past, Deion Sanders, put it the other day.  His style is not like others, but he got a team that had no business being in the NFC Championship game, despite being sacked more than any other QB in the NFL.

So why are Rep. Glen Casada and Sen, Bill Ketron wasting the TGA's time with an unconstitutional bill to prohibit unions in Tennessee from making political contributions?  That will last in court about as quickly as my cat Zippy's breakfast when I give it to him each morning. It shows how little some Republicans care about actual governance.  I wonder how long it will take Speaker Harwell to wish she had a chair and whip for her OWN caucus?

While I wish NashvilleNewscoma had been MemphisNewscoma, the good result is that she is back writing regularly, and better than ever.  I seriously wish I had her writing ability.

So Senator Stacey Campfield hates babies?  Well, not all of them, just SOME of them, it seems.  You know, he CAN be a decent person, but once he is on a legislative body, it seems like his non-nice side takes over.  What a shame.

Good on Andy Meek at the Daily News for pointing out the anti-transparency legislation introduced in the State legislature.  If we are going to ofter public monies as pot-sweeteners to private companies in order to draw them here, it is NOT proprietary information to know how much we are giving up and how much we will get back in the process.  This is ANTI-SUNSHINE.

Consistency, thy name is NOT Grizzlies.  They have been all over the lot, and look like they will be a .500 team this year.  Right now, with the Tigers being still too young to make a run into the NCAAs, the Grizz could OWN this town if they could get in the playoffs and win a couple of games, much less an entire series.  We still need more players.

Oh, and Spring Training is three weeks from today.  That ALWAYS makes me feel better, safe in the knowledge that winter does indeed, always turn to spring. However, MLB, the Civil Rights Game is in Atlanta, eh?  If you wouldn't have charged $50 for a ticket, you might have done better here at AutoZone Park.  Just sayin'...

I can't help but notice that, since Chip Forrester's re-election, the trolls attacking him have disappeared from Post Politics.  I presume that is a good thing.  Still waiting to hear what he and the State ExecCom have planned for the coming year.  Oh, wait. it's not Friday yet, is it?

By the way, Shelby Democrats, it appears that for once I will get to attend party re-organization caucuses this year.  The 2007 and 2009 were scheduled the same weekend as the North Texas Irish Festival, so I have had to miss them.  IIRC, caucuses are scheduled for March 26; if that's off, hopefully someone will correct me in the comments.

Love Chik-Fil-A's food?  So do I.  However, I'm giving up what Dabney refers to as "Jesus Chicken" because they have homophobic policies.  Simply, they give money to people and groups whose policies hurt  others.  Do they have the right to do so?  Sure, just as I have the right not to patronize them for doing so.  Bye bye Jesus Chicken!  Besides, why not EAT LOCAL instead?

And how about some props for Lindsey for making the Flyer's 20<30 issue? You should be reading her blog if you aren't; she is to the point and just a great read.

Ok, if you are a liberal reader of this blog and you live in Shelby County, why have I not seen you at DRINKING LIBERALLY? Every Wednesday night from 7-10 in the back room at RP Billiards at 525 South Highland, we are there.  They have a new kitchen menu and the best bartender I know, Scotty James, taking care of you.  Join us!

Enough for now, later on down the road!

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