Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Free Unsolicited Advice to Chip Forrester

No, I can't write about the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords just yet; I am liable to sound crazy and Stalinist, so let's just pray for her speedy and complete recovery.

Ok, then.  First, just as Ross did, I offer my congratulations to Chip Forrester on his re-election as TNDP Chair on Saturday.  You had your votes lined up, and you received solid support from ExecCom members who wanted to send a message to Democrats around the state.  You did a good job of organizing, that's what winning a caucus election is about.  You have my support.

I publicly call on those who have been attacking you under pseudonyms in various blogs around the state to either get on board, or go away.  While I supported Wade Munday in place of you, and would have done it again, I am behind you.

Now then, while there are some people (old Bredesenites and Blue Dogs) you will never get, you need to seriously make amends with the state YDs and College Democrats.  We need every one that they can get, and they not only need a real place at the table, they need to be be heard, and listened to, with their opinions taken seriously.  These are the FUTURE leaders of this party, and they provide tons of volunteer hours.

(By the way, you might also want to privately smack T. Robert Hill with a wet fish for his idiotic remarks.  He should have KNOWN that in a tightly contested race, his comments would get out.)

I do not blame you for what happened last November; you were hamstrung by the donors and by the staffs of some of our Congressmen.   Now, we can move forward.

In the near future, you know that you need to get the ExecCom and the County Chairs going hard to revitalize the parties in their own counties, we have too many County Parties that are practically non-existent.  Partially, that is because some of the ExecCom members out in those areas hang on to their positions because no one cares enough to take those positions from them.  That is a scary proposition, frankly.

You need to have more small-dollar fund-raisers all over the state, working with the County Chairs and ExecCom members in each area.  You need to find a REALLY GOOD communications director, one who knows better than to send out press releases on Friday afternoon.  (OK, cheap shot, and I'll let it go, but seriously....)

Now then, there's something else that we as a Party need to think about.  While my own Senate District, 30, is an anomaly as we have two relatively new members, the fact remains that by electing our DEC members in August of an election year, we have no way to hold them accountable for election results.  And, yes, just as you had to face an ExecCom for your job after a bad election, the ExecCom should have to face Democrats the spring after every Governor's election.

Yes, I am aware we are talking Constitutional change here, but it's worth it.  Imagine if the State ExecCom members were elected as our County Parties elect theirs, in the spring, and at caucuses and conventions?  Think this could inspire people to get involved, and actually CARE about what happens to the Tennessee Democratic Party?  I do.

Finally, we may just be bloggers, and in the end we will all say what we think, but all of us who care enough to write have been involved at just about every level, and we didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday.  We will continue to email you, and talk to you.  if we can help, we will, but we need to send a clear message about who we are and what we stand for and THAT we stand for something.  That's not even remotely your fault, but you're the guy out front.

And yes, I have no problems with another Monteagle-type summit; I think the last one helped, and so could another one.

All right, that's enough from me.  Again, you have my support, and let's elect Democrats in 2012, Democrats who aren't ashamed to be Democrats.  Good luck.

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