Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a great beginning for our new Governor!

I'm not really sure why I am surprised at this, but our new Governor, Bill Haslam, doesn't think you have any business in knowing just how money he or his aides make in outside income.  Um, conflict of interest?

Even the New York Times has noted how the Pilot Oil heir moved quickly to gut financial disclosure requirements put in by his predecessor, Phil Bredesen, who was no poor fella himself.

(Um, did I just say something NICE about Bredesen? Wow, times change quickly, don't they?)

Anyway, I'm not the only one not thrilled about this nose-thumbing at the public interest.  One of my favorite Republicans, Jenci Spradlin (and there's not a lot of them, frankly, but there ARE some), noted at MODERATELY MARVELOUS the proper question to ask:
Could those advising Governor Haslam not anticipate how this would be perceived by the public and media, or did they just not care?  Either way, it’s an interesting way to define what many hoped would be a new renaissance for Republicans in Tennessee.
Good question.  Makes you wonder how the meeting went where that decision was made, doesn't it?  (Terrorist Fist Bump to Charlton for the idea).

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