Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fitzhugh Announces Town Hall Meetings

Heads up to those of you in Lauderdale, Dyer and Crockett Counties who read this blog:

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Rep. Craig Fitzhugh
House District 82
33 Legislative Plaza   n Nashville TN 37243 n     615.741.2134
Fitzhugh Announces Town Hall Meetings
To be held in Dyer, Crockett & Lauderdale Counties
NASHVILLE (March 29, 2011) – State Rep. Craig Fitzhugh announced today that he will hold three town hall meetings to listen to constituents and share with them what is occurring in the Tennessee General Assembly. 

“My most important job as a State Representative is to listen to those who sent me to Nashville,” said Rep. Fitzhugh. “I want people to come and share their problems or concerns, so we can work toward a solution together.”

Fitzhugh, who represents Lauderdale, Crockett and part of Dyer counties, will hold three town hall meetings over the coming weeks, visiting all parts of his district. At each meeting, Fitzhugh will begin by going over changes to state government and end by taking questions from the public. The town hall meetings will be held:
        • 6:00pm Thursday, April 14, 2011 Dyersburg State Community College First Citizens’ Auditorium in the CAB building.
        • 4:00pm Thursday, April 28, 2011 Crockett County Adult Education Center
        • 6:30pm Thursday, April 28, 2011 UT-Martin Center in Ripley
“State government affects our way of life at every level, so people need to know what’s going on. If people don’t like it or have suggestions, I need to hear that as well. I hope this meeting will allow everyone to get together, get up to speed and talk about where our state and our district are headed. I look forward to a great discussion,” said Fitzhugh.

Craig Fitzhugh is the incumbent State Representative for House District 82, which encompasses all of Lauderdale, Crockett and part of Dyer Counties. For more information, contact Zak Kelley at (615) 741-1100 ext. 44189.

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