Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is National Sputnik Monroe Day

Go read Chris Davis' article at the Flyer about a movie about Memphis wrestling that features the great Monroe prominently, and read why he was an important figure in this city's history.

It's time to think about a statue of Sputnik Monroe outside the Cannon Center, where Ellis Auditorium once stood.

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dwayne said...

This is Great, especially for us boomer native Memphians. As a kid, Sputnik (as well as "Treach" Phillips) lived in some cheap apartments in my blue collar neighborhood. They didn't pay rasslers well in those days. I came to appreciate Sputnik later when I found out his role in racial equality and he actually got away with it for a long time in the days when you could be typecast pretty quickly. I look forward to seeing the movie.