Monday, April 04, 2011

What a horrible few days for us all

Photo taken by Rick Maynard at 2009 Coon Supper, Covington, TN

First, Larry Finch passes away on Saturday.  Then, we learned of the tragic death of Wilson Forrester over the weekend; he is the son of TNDP Chair Chip Forrester.  Then, tornadoes hit all throughout the Mid-South today.

And now, the greatest governor of Tennessee in my lifetime is gone.  Ned Ray McWherter, speaker of the House for 14 years and Governor for eight more, the man who bestrode this state like a colossus, putting working people first, has left us at the age of 80.  He had been ill with cancer, and died at a Nashville hospital early this afternoon.

He protected and nurtured West Tennessee, and not just the rural areas; there is a reason the library at the University of Memphis is named for him.  He worked for EVERY Tennessean, regardless of where they lived.  He earned the respect of all who worked with him, regardless of party.  His legacy will be long remembered for his achievements.

Please remember Mike and the McWherter family in your thoughts and prayers; arrangements are pending.  Here's a link to the family statement.

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Anonymous said...

Hope there are plenty of vanilla wafers and coffee in the next life. Was glad to vote for him in 1986 and even more pleased with what he managed to do for U of M in his two terms as "Gub-ner."