Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shocked, Shocked I Am!

The Commercial Appeal commissioned Yacoubian & Associates to poll the city about Mayor Wharton and the 9th CD about Steve Cohen.

I know this may be stretching the limits of disbelief, but..... Memphians seem to love BOTH of them and plan to re-elect them, Wharton this year and Cohen next year.  Astonishing, isn't it?  Wharton comes in at a 61% net positive rating, while Cohen is at 62%.  The CA on Cohen:
Cohen had a net positive score of 62 percent among 220 likely voters within the 9th Congressional District — 69 percent approval minus 7 percent disapproval. The poll found 75 percent of African-American women approved of his performance, 73 percent of African-American men, 72 percent of white women, and 53 percent of white men.
What?  African-Americans approve of Cohen?  Who knew? Yeah, but approval is one thing, but voting is another.  Why, just look at this:
Of the 221 9th District likely voters considering Cohen’s 2012 re-election, 63 percent said they would vote for Cohen, 4 percent preferred “another Democrat,” 6 percent wanted a Republican and 28 percent were unsure.
Yep, Cohen's a goner next year, he's only up 2-1 if all the unsures vote against him! Oh, wait.....

Yes, we are roughly 13 1/2 months away from the August 2012 Democratic Primary.  Yes, more African-Americans will move in from TN-08.  I have news for you: Frayser, North Memphis and Raleigh are all in the Memphis media market, and I suspect they know perfectly well who Steve Cohen is and will be delighted to have him rather than the Gospel-Singing Farmer From Frog Jump.

Whomever decides to run against Steve Cohen is going to have an uphill battle, because his constituents approve of him and have no current reason to unseat him.  If anyone wants to try, good luck to them, because they will need it.

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Babbling Boomer said...

i may be wrong, but I think one of S.C.'s "secret weapons" is realistic moderate/liberal Republicans (they aren't quite extinct yet) who may not agree with him on everything but find him forthright and honest. I know more than a few who vote for him at primary time and in the general election. We both know one of the keys to keeping a House seat is constituent service and Steve is excellent at that as was the man he followed into the seat.