Monday, July 25, 2011

I've been busy.

No, not THAT kind of busy, get your mind out of the gutter!  However, as you were made aware earlier, I am coming out of my slumbers, albeit slowly.  Let's just say that I have met someone who has taken me to a better place, to real life and not just mere existence.  But enough about that for now.

This is why I haven't written about the madness going on between the city and MCS, and besides, if you're not reading Steve Ross' Vibinc blog, you are missing out and what the hell is wrong with you anyway? :)  Seriously, Ross isn't just my friend, he is a civic treasure and you will learn more about the inner workings of this city than you can possibly imagine.  OK, that's enough there, don't want to give him the big head!

And I apologize for not writing, but, yeah, I've been busy being really happy and it's been a while for me. 

Now, then, to real politics.  AC Wharton was boasting at his re-election HQ opening the other day, video courtesy of the amazing Jackson Baker at the Flyer:

Well, hell yes, he's going to win; as I told my email list this morning, no one who could beat him (and THAT's a small list, maybe Cohen, who doesn't want the job) is running, and no one who is running can beat him. If he doesn't get 65% of the vote, he has problems.

He has the support of the business community, will get 95% of the white vote and half the African-American vote, and he will win.  Period.  He's NOT Herenton and it really doesn't matter what he does, white folks will vote for him.

Has he done a good job?  Well, THAT depends upon with whom you speak.  Talk to the public unions, who are dismayed that Wharton was playing footsie with Councilor Kemp Conrad and his hints of privatization, and they may tell you a different story. 

Personally, I like him; professionally, we ALL need to keep the pressure on him, and not let up.  Keep protesting, because he needs to know that just because he will be re-elected, things are not perfect, not by a damn sight.

Now, to the Council.  I can understand why Jim Strickland has no opposition, he has represented his district well, and no one would be dumb enough to take him on.  Yes, he has a war chest, but look at the area he represents (Midtown, East Memphis) and look at the connections he has to both sides of the Democratic and Republican sides.  Has he done everything I like, hell no, and I have let him know.  Still, I can vote for him.

No opposition for Reid Hedgepeth??? Really?  Are you telling me Anthony Anderson couldn't have jumped into THAT race instead of splitting the vote against Kemp Conrad?  That smells like ass, people.

Sharon Webb has inexplicably filed to run against Edmund Ford, Jr., who has done a very fine job for District 6.  Imagine my joy to have heard that Edmund Ford had pulled a petition for Mayor, imagine my despair to learn that it was his FATHER.

As for District 7, It seems to have been drawn to help UM law professor Lee Harris win the seat, but I am supporting Scott Banbury, the hard-working naturalist of Cypress Creek.  He knows the area (even as redrawn) better than anyone else there.  I like Lee Harris, but Banbury will be closer to his constituency.

All right, gotta go get ready for work, more later.  I am back, peeps!

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sbanbury said...

Thanks, my friend. We do indeed have a very hot 73 days ahead of us that I look forward to wearing out a few pairs of shoes in. We'll be kicking off the FUNdraising this Saturday at Banbury Shire with a little music and populist rabble rousing followed by juking at Wild Bills afterwards. I hope to see you there.