Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Congratulations to Congressman Cohen!

Why? Because George Flinn has decided to challenge him for the 9th District.  Of course, the former Commissioner will be running as a Republican, which means Cohen will be able to raise more money, and might even get help from the DCCC!

What's that you say?  He still has a primary to win? Yes, he does; however, ask the average 9th District Democratic voter for whom they will vote, Cohen or Tomeka Hart, and see how many of them state, "Who's the other candidate?" or "She's running? I haven't seen or heard ANYTHING from her, isn't it a little late?"

Which, of course, is my point exactly.  Hart would need to raise at least million to be able to challenge Cohen, and there's no indication that she has raised anywhere close to that amount.  If you say that this is an African-American district and she's African-American, well, so were the last two challengers, and Steve pulled 75% of the African-American vote against THEM.

However, knowing the Congressman as I do, he will run against all of them like he is twenty points DOWN instead of twenty to thirty points ahead.  That's how you win every election but one since 1982 (1996, to Harold Ford, Junior).  Time to get cranked up NOW!!!!!


Divers and Sundry said...

i'm hearing very little about the local primary. it feels odd not to have gotten a single piece of mail, not a single phone call. well, except for the political survey offering me a trip to the bahamas if i participated but that likely wasn't local...

(took 2 tries to prove i wasn't a robot)

Steve Steffens said...

I got one piece from Karen Woodward (whom I still have not met) and one from Ed Stanton, both in the Clerk's race. I got that call too, took the survey (it was vague questions about the Presidential race) then hung up before they tried to phish my account numbers.