Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I really didn't see that coming

I have to admit that I was surprised by Ed Stanton Jr.'s victory yesterday in the Democratic primary for General Sessions Court Clerk.  As you know, I feared that Stanton would pull enough votes away from Sidney Chism to enable indicted Clerk Otis Jackson to win renomination and kill our chances of victory in August.

Stanton's effort, which received a boost with the endorsement of Congressman Steve Cohen, showed great work throughout the county in edging the veteran Chism.  Jackson, fortunately, turned out to be a non-factor, finishing a distant third, ahead of only newcomers Karen Woodward and Marion Brewer.

Now, the county ticket for August looks like this:

ASSESSOR - Cheyenne Johnson, who easily turned away Steve Webster yesterday by a 4-1 margin.

ATTORNEY GENERAL - Carol Chumney (unopposed yesterday)


COUNTY COMMISSION, DISTRICT 1 - Steve Ross, who will face newcomer Steve Basar.  Basar upset culture warrior (and former office-holder) Marilyn Loeffel by a 51-49 margin.  It is a tough but not impossible road for Ross, whose thoughtful blog posts at VIBINC show the depth of research that he would bring to the issues that face the county.

Let's support this Democratic team as they prepare for battle in August!

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Freedonian said...

Stanton was the Little Engine That Could. I don't think anyone in the media called that one right. It was an upset.