Monday, June 04, 2012

Meryl Rice needs our help!

Meryl Rice is challenging Delores Gresham in Senate District 26 and she needs our help!  Meryl is unopposed in the Democratic primary and is campaigning vigorously in the West Tennessee Senate district.

If you are a Democrat on Facebook, LIKE her page here to keep up with events.  if you can contribute, please do, if you can help her canvass or host a party for her, please do that as well as every election COUNTS!

Her website is

Let's elect another strong Democrat to the State Senate!

UPDATE: I let Meryl know about this post, and she commented:
  Thanks so much Steve. I tried to add comments to the blog, have not been successful. I just wanted everyone to know that Dolores sponsored legislation to cut the Hope Lottery Scholarship in half and she voted to DE-Fund the Memphis Megasite. The woman apparently lives on another planet. I need your prayers, your support, your votes, and your money!

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