Friday, June 01, 2012

So much for an Aerotropolis

Have many of you noticed that if you try to fly Delta out of Memphis, you are gouged on price?  Have you noticed that if you drive to Little Rock, and fly somewhere THROUGH Memphis, it's cheaper than if you leave FROM Memphis?

Well, Tom Jones, our friend from Smart City Memphis, has noticed and is trying to do something about it with a new group on Facebook called DELTA DOES MEMPHIS.

While Delta has said little about this group, The Airport Authority felt the heat and created a group called My Memphis Airport and announced a forum where people could air their concerns (pun intended), but scheduled it from 10:30-11:30 A.M. on a Tuesday morning!  I criticized that on their site, but they spouted PRspeak to explain why this works SO much better.

Folks, the lack of inexpensive flights in and out of this city has caused us to lose The Folk Alliance and its annual conference, and it kills us when we are trying to recruit new business, and Delta cares not one whit.  We need to recruit new airlines (HELLO SOUTHWEST AIRLINES) and we need Delta to drop their fares.

This group is having an effect, but we need more members.  If you are on Facebook, I implore you to join DELTA DOES MEMPHIS, and the group started by Cheri Delbrocco, MEMPHIS WANTS SOUTHWEST AIRLINES.

It's not just about dropping fares, it's about bringing business to Memphis, and we need your help.


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