Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To My GMAIL List

It appears that GMail and Google is making their semi-annual attempt to force me into Google Groups.  I was restricted today when trying to send my first email to my list, which was a Scene column by Jonathan Meador.  Since the reasons that they give for slowing me down do not apply (no bouncebacks lately, among other things), I can only believe that they are coming at me because I send liberal columns in my posts.

I will let you know how this is going later.

Oh, and call the White House and tell them to KILL THIS DEAL.   We didn't work for Obama's re-election only to have him throw us all under the bus after the election.


Anonymous said...

Follow this specific sub-blog. Jane is kicking ass at exposing google:


captainkona said...

"We didn't work for Obama's re-election only to have him throw us all under the bus after the election."

That's all Democrat President elects ever do, Steve. Clinton, Obambi... under the bus we go. That's why I'm no longer a Dem. Can't be trusted to keep their word on anything.

Watching a real man, like Steve Cohen, tear DEA director Michele Leonhart a new asshole over the Drug War is what I expect from a progressive. Meanwhile, Obama is too much of a coward to fire the bitch like he knows he should.

He's one of them. Bought and paid for. And the few Dems that have a pair get pushed to the side and marginalized.

There will never be "change" in this country until our leader is neither Repig or Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I still like the idea of the overwhelmingly popular (for good reason) Cohen defecting to Green. A few others Reps in congressional progressive caucus zones could pull it off, too. Maybe/probably, at least.

All we lack is leadership. LEADERSHIP.