Wednesday, December 12, 2012

West Tennessee fights back against Fincher!

This was passed to me, so I am passing on to you!

For Immediate Release
December 11, 2012
For more information:
Alma Jones: 731-358-0229
David Barber: 731-819-3281
West Tennesseans to demand that Stephen Fincher “stop threatening to take us over the Fiscal Cliff”
West Tennesseans concerned about the looming “fiscal cliff” will bring their demands to Congressman Stephen Fincher’s Martin Tennessee office Thursday, December 13, at 3pm.

“Fincher and the Republican Party are heading this country right over the fiscal cliff,” explained McKenzie resident Alma Jones.

If Congressman Fincher and the Republican-dominated House of Representatives do not take action before the New Year then on January 1, 2013, taxes on all Americans will rise: more money will be withheld from every paycheck and the average Tennessee family – already hard-pinched in the current economic crisis – will pay more than $2000 additional taxes for the year.

Most economic experts agree that this massive tax increase for middle class and working class Americans will sink the country deeper into recession.

President Barack Obama has already said that he will sign a bill which retains the current tax structure for all income below $250,000 per year.  The Senate has already passed that bill.

But the Republican-dominated House of Representatives has refused to let that bill reach the House floor for a vote.  The Republicans are insisting that the tax rates for Americans earning over $250,000 per year not be raised.

“In other words,” said Jones, “the Republicans are using the threat of higher taxes for 98% of the American people as a bargaining chip to retain lower tax rates for their wealthy friends and contributors.”

“We’re going to tell Congressman Fincher that the citizens of this congressional district aren’t going to accept this.   We hope many Martin, Dresden, Union City and West Tennessee folks join us this Thursday at 3 pm in front of Congressman Fincher’s office in Martin  on Lindell between Main and University.”


Anonymous said...

This "fiscal cliff" trem is another attempt to control people's thoughts by controlling the words in currency. Congress passed some belt-tightening things they needed to pass. We NEED to let these cuts come into law. What did people do before they got the little tax-cut bonanza that whore-ass politicians bought their votes with? This is more of that "cut-and-run" crap.

Going Rural said...

No, this is the end of a failed economic experiment that decimated our economy. Progressive taxes are an American idea - we're the one who started using them again after we decided there no such thing as nobility. We decided not only was it fair to tax the wealthiest Americans at a higher rate, but that it was responsible policy. It's the only way to fund our Constitutional obligations.