Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Come and meet Wade Munday!

I got this from Kerry Hayes about an event taking place on Friday night at South of Beale at 5:30, and he has graciously allowed me to post this:

Hey friends - My buddy from Nashville, Wade Munday, who some of you have met, is running to become the next chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party. He's planning to join us at South of Beale on Friday evening and is interested in meeting as many young professionals and up-and-coming civic leaders as he can. We're planning to meet at 5:30pm at SOB (hopefully on the patio - fingers crossed for good weather!) and would love if you could join us. This is NOT a fundraiser or a big solicitation opportunity of any kind. Just a good guy from another part of our state who's trying to meet some smart good people in Memphis.  
Please join us and bring a friend! 
See you soon -

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