Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everyone is missing the point on Senator Campfield

Look, I know every bill he puts out is FILLED to the rim with TEH CRAZY, and he is now made out to be a national laughingstock, which, well, he should be by now.  Our friends at the Tennessee Equality Project have even created a Stacey Campfield Counseling Fund to which you can contribute, allowing The Senator to be used as a prop for fund-raising, and bully for them on that.

However, while The Senator comes up with crazier and crazier bills to file, and we react to them, even though they are not likely to pass, we ignore that the GOP-dominated body is busy screwing over non-millionaires with every other action they take.

They are trying to pass legislation that would give the STATE, not local school boards, control over whether charter schools should be opened in their municipalities and counties.  The TGA is gutting every possible protection for municipal workers and teachers (oh, wait, they already DID that), and, in short, doing everything possible to take Tennessee back to 1898 except Jim Crow (and they would do that if they could).

What Campfield also does is move the goalposts, so that what he proposes is SO beyond the pale that no one notices the REAL damage that a GOP-dominated legislature does to our society.  It's not all about business, either.  The Lege is still trying to pass, at the NRA's insistence, a bill that would allow workers to bring their guns onto the parking lots of their employers, which the state's largest employers are fighting, with good reason.

Yes, friends, this is what you get when you get a GOP-controlled legislature.  Whether you agree with the TNDP's election of Roy Herron or not, (and, frankly, I didn't), you need to get involved in any way possible to assist the TNDP and the SCDP (or, if you're not in Big Shelby, your local county Party) in trying to turn the state around from the backward march this Legislature is leading.

Our future depends upon it.  Unless, of course, you LIKE living in the Dark Ages.


Andy Axel said...

>>> doing everything possible to take Tennessee back to 1898 except Jim Crow

No joke. You should see how many bills that they have to eliminate any criteria (racial or otherwise) for allocating state largesse.

Steve Ross said...

Campfield is pushing the Overton Window further to the right.

What are Democrats doing to combat that? I'm not talking about defense. We need offense.

Unfortunately, too many Democrats affirm GOP talking points, either intentionally or otherwise.

House Minority Leader Fitzhugh has it right when he tweeted:

I urge all my fellow Tennessee Democrats to come together. Now is the time to refocus and fight for jobs, education and people. link