Friday, October 24, 2014

Taylor Berger and the New Memphis Democrats

Yes, he's back with more ideas, he wants people to re-energize and re-focus the SCDP.

The reaction to his initial post, which I sent to my email list and which was linked here, was sadly predictable.  If you know Party people, you will know that some loudly cheered what Berger had to say, and some berated him for bailing on his CC5 race against Heidi Shafer, leaving us in the lurch.

Bryan Carson, like Van Turner before him, has spent his Chairmanship trying to juggle these two distinct groups and viewpoints, and both received undeserved criticism for not pulling it off to the extent we would have liked.  Those two distinct viewpoints must come together and be worked out for a unified vision, or the GOP will own a majoity-minority County for years to come.

Taylor Berger, like him or not, seems to get that.  I believe he wants a conversation, which we need.

If you are interested, join the New Memphis Democrats on Facebook and on Twitter, and send them an email at  to get involved.

We need the conversation to start as soon after November 4 as humanly possible.

Being in charge of the county is not about patronage, it's about governance and providing the best services possible.


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