Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Well, I'm probably wrong but...

Marek is up with interesting predictions, go check them out.  The polls have just closed, so we will see in 2 hours or longer if I am right with my picks below or just full of shit as usual.

Locally, I see no seats changing hands, but House 96 will be far closer than anyone expected.  Haslam will win, and so will Alexander, again with a much smaller margin than expected as the Carr/Tea Partiers skip the race.

The Amendments?  1 and 2 will FAIL, 3 and 4 will PASS, and the passing of 3 will be a tragedy for this state for the foreseeable future.

Predictions for the state House at the end of the night: 73 R, 26 D.  The Senate will be awful, 28 R, 5 D with no Democratic seats outside Memphis or Nashville, rock bottom.

The surprise of the night?  When all those good Republicans in TN-04 who voted for Jim Tracy turn on Scott DesJarlais and vote in Lenda Sherrell, with the thought that they will come back with Tracy in 2 years and beat her.  Of course, it will be a Presidential year and more difficult to do, but.....

Nationally?  I think we hold onto the US Senate, 51-49.  Mark Pryor survives in Arkansas, Grimes loses in KY because she ran away from her President, Nunn wins in GA.

Well, we will see what happens; I am headed to THE WAREHOUSE for the re-election party for my Congressman, Steve Cohen.

Watch this space later in the week with my thoughts on the 2015 Mayor's race, which, if you haven't noticed, has already begun.

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