Friday, June 26, 2015

New Blood Part 3

1 for 93000

1 for 104000

1 for 72000

1 for 63000

1 for 18000

Memphis City Council

Shelby County School Board

Shelby County Commission

Tennessee State Representatives district size in Memphis

Nashville Metro Council district size (unified

Which is more representative of the will of the voters?  Which is easier to break into?

I'm not saying Nashville's way is the better way completely (35 single member plus 5 at large is a lot), but they do allow an easier way to break into politics, forces members to represent their entire district, and allows for a greater range of viewpoints on issues.

Why do we have 7 single member districts and 6 super districts?  Shouldn't it be more of a case of 10 and 3?  You cannot really walk these districts easily and have a full time job outside of the campaign.

It is virtually impossible to run and win locally without being able to raise a lot of money.  Money is the mothers milk of politics here.  We continue to elect the same people because the money game is one that insurgents cannot win.  The first question I always here about a race is not what are your ideas or how will you make things better, but rather, how much money can you raise.

You make it difficult for people to run and represent an area because they have to raise money, which is a virtual full time job during election season, and because of the size of the districts, they do not want to anger the well heeled donors.  Our representatives more and more are becoming people who are either connected to a money class or are the money class.  District size means you have to have a job with a very flexible schedule.

Younger people want to be involved.  They get excited.  They don't have the cynicism that older political operatives have.  They want to run for office and help their community.

Why do we make it so difficult for them?  I agree that you want people who have lived a life of some sort (Stacy Campfield is a prime example) and can bring that experience.  But you also want to bring in people with fresh, new ideas and way of doing things.  The system we have now makes that virtually impossible.

Be more representative.  Not less.

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