Thursday, June 18, 2015

On Charleston and the over-ownership of weapons

So, it's been reported that the terrorist Dylann Roof received a gun for his 21st birthday, which he used to brutally murder 9 people at a historic church in Charleston, SC last night.  One of those who lost their lives in this terrorist attack is the pastor, a State Senator named Clementa Pinckney, who also fought for gun control as well as civil rights or all.

The NRA has fought EVERY attempt to bring about ANY type of restriction for purchasing weapons, and it is time for them to be stopped cold.  I know a thing or two about possessing weapons.  I have owned weapons since the age of 11, when I got a 20-gauge shotgun for my birthday. My late father was a part-time gunsmith in NE Arkansas and was known for his ability to fix people's guns for deer season and duck season. Toward the end of his life, even HE thought the NRA was insane. It's time for licensing for weapon-owners, background checks for ALL those who would purchase weapons and simple, responsible actions for those would own weapons.
You don't get to operate a motor vehicle without doing so, and you should not be able to operate anything else that is potentially lethal to other human beings. Maybe, just maybe we can slow down some of these insane shootings in this country.
I can only hope.

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