Monday, August 24, 2015

On the subject of Hillary

No, she's not my first choice; Bernie Sanders is.  Second, she is far from the worst choice, Jim Webb is.  Third, of course I am going to vote for Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee; have you noticed the GOP candidates?

My differences with the former Secretary of State, US Senator and First Lady have to do with her too-conservative for my tastes stances on issues.  I want someone who is going to give us RED MEAT, as Sanders is, and as even DONALD TRUMP is doing by attacking Wall Street.  (That strategy, by the way, is brilliant for handling populist Dixiecrats who want to share the wealth with other white people only, such as themselves).

I don't attack Hillary, but I DO get pissed whenever anyone suggests my opposition to her candidacy is rooted in misogyny.  I would have supported Elizabeth Warren had she chosen to run for the White House; unlike, when she said no, I accepted that decision and went to Bernie Sanders.  That, my Bernie-following friends, is the BEST way to shut that conversation down in a heartbeat.

So, some of you may ask, why not Jill Stein?  Call me when they can elect a majority of Congress or even a state legislature.  Most of them are too national-policy centered to ever care about local races, which is how you get to majority status, from the bottom up.  I WOULD like to see the Greens get more electorally sound, because I find that I like most of their policies; they just don't seem to know how to get their folks elected.

I look forward to having my rest-of-the-Council and City Court Clerk post up soon; deeply torn in the Clerk's race between two people I respect and admire.  Plus, I will ask why no media is covering why one of the other candidates in that race had to leave her prior office EARLY.

More later.

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