Friday, August 07, 2015

Strickland??? Yes, Jim Strickland for Mayor.

Now, I KNOW what you're going to say before you say it.

Jim Strickland is for cutting pension benefits, yada yada yada.  I am certainly not for that, because we made a promise to our workers and it should be kept, even at the risk of a property tax increase.  (Remind your friends who may be Republican that if we had a STATE INCOME TAX we wouldn't be so damned dependent upon property taxes!).  I don't agree with Jim Strickland on every issue.  That's why I want a whole new City Council; however, to paraphrase Alton Brown, that's another post, coming in the next day or so.

So, you say, look at all the companies that have expanded or built plants in Memphis under AC Wharton!  True enough, until you see the tax incentives they have received and you realize that YOU, the taxpayer, are paying for most of the jobs brought by Electrolux, IKEA, Bass Pro Shops and the rest, and not these companies.

But wait, you say, didn't Strickland vote for some of these things?  He may have, but he also called for oversight, and besides, that's why we need a whole new Council, one that is NOT beholden to developers or the Chamber of Commerce.  Again, that's coming later, hold your horses!

For my disagreements with Jim Strickland, I can tell you this much about him.  When he disagrees with you on an issue, he will look you in the eye and tell you why.  He allows you to make your argument and will listen to it, and discuss it with you.  He may even change his mind, or he may not.  JIM STRICKLAND WILL NEVER PLACATE YOU.  For my differences with him, there are also agreements.

Jim Strickland is also going to clean up and clean out City Hall, which has been necessary for a long, long time.  Robert Lipscomb needs to be getting his resume in order, I suspect.   (No, Jim hasn't said that to me, but I would hardly be surprised if it happens).  No more running amok from the Retired Directors Club, er, the Riverfront Development Corporation.

At the end of the day, there is absolutely ZERO bullshit in this man's body.  He will be straight forward and honest with you, even if it pisses you off.  Memphis city government needs a cleaning, Jim Strickland will be our cleaner.  That is why his sign is in my front yard.

And, as good government should provide checks and balances, he needs to have a City Council that works with him and checks him as needed.'

That, however, is another post, which is coming later.

UPDATE:  I was just thinking about this, and I realized that I have been voting in Memphis mayoral elections since 1979, that I can remember.  Not counting the vote for the Zambodian fellow in 1991, this will only be the THIRD time in all these years that I have voted for a white candidate for Mayor.

The list:  1979 - Otis Higgs, 1982 - Mike Cody, then JO Patterson, 1983 - John Ford (yes, John Ford), 1987 - Minerva Johnican, 1991 - Mongo, 1995, WW. Herenton, 1999 - Shep Wilbun, 2003 - WW Herenton (albeit reluctantly), 2007 - Carol Chumney, 2009 - Myron Lowery, 2011 - AC Wharton, 2015 - Jim Strickland.


Black Lives Matter! said...

You are so predictable! Just as every Mid-town white progressive, when the choice is between a conservative white candidate and a progressive black candidate you choose the white candidate. Policy is irrelevant even though you purport to base your support on the issues.

When the Democratic standard bearer is white (Cohen), Mid-town progressives expect AA to vote for the party, but when the standard bearer is Black, the Mid-town progressives vote for the "best candidate". Memphis politics is not left and right. It's black and white.

Strickland is counting on right wing GOP support and the support of "progressives" like you to beat Wharton, and I pray that Wharton is beaten by anyone. Strickland just may do it, but if you sleep on the real progressive in the race there could be a surprise on election night.

Harold Collins is the only true progressive in this race, but you can't support him because of what?

Steve Steffens said...

So let's just turn at around, shall we? I can look in my neighborhood and know what Strickland has done for my area. Other than trying to get money for the Grant Brothers for Southbrook Mall (One of Wharton's actual successes in blocking that), what has Harold done for whitehaven and Hickory Hill?

Of the money handed to EPE for Graceland expansion, tell me what Harold did to ensure that any new jobs would go to be people in 38109, 38116 or 38118, places where people NEED jobs?

Just how progressive IS he?