Tuesday, July 17, 2018

For the rest of the County races

For Sheriff, Floyd Bonner has a sparking 34-year career, serving now as the Chief Deputy to Sheriff Bill Oldham, a Republican who endorsed this Democrat rather than the GOP nominee, Dale Lane.  Bonner is a clear choice.

Regina Morrison Newman wants the job she once held as County Trustee, and she did a great job at it which is why we need her now to go do any cleanup needed after David Lenoir leaves.  She was recognized for her great work in 2010 after she succeeded the late Paul Mattila.

Temilka Gipson was endorsed by the CA for Circuit Court Clerk, and we agree that she would be a great fit for the job, with over 25 years experience in clerk offices in this county.

Heidi Kuhn is the best candidate for Criminal Court Clerk as she has worked in County Government for 17 years, most of which is in the Criminal Justice field.  She believes in working with the Expungement movement, which incumbent Richard DeSaussure cares nothing about.  Heidi represents our values and DeSaussure, well.........

Bill Morrison wants to be your next Probate Court Clerk, and I want him there too, so please vote for him.  We need Democrats across the board, people.

My friend Wanda Halbert is clearly the best choice to succeed Wayne Mashburn as County Clerk.  People don't realize that, in addition to serving her community on the MCS Board and the Coty Council, she has years of corporate experience as an administrative professional at FedEx for many years.  She knows how to run an office and run it efficiently.  That is why you should vote for her.

If there is anyone I forgot, go look at Ross's post.

 There are 3 judicial races also.

For Circuit Court, Division IX, I support Yolanda Kight. 

For Circuit Court, Division X,  I support Jennifer Johnson Mitchell over current incumbent and former prosecutor Jennifer Nichols.  Too damned many former prosecutors on the bench these days, Lee Coffee excluded.

And for me, the most important is for Environmental Court Division 14, where Judge Patrick Dandridge, who was recently appointed to succeed his mentor, retired EC Judge Larry Potter, is the clear choice.  He was Judge Potter's right hand for many years, and a terrific public servant.  Please vote to re-elect Patrick Dandridge.


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