Tuesday, July 17, 2018

For the State House in the Democratic Primary

I am only looking at the contested primary races here.

State House - District 85 - Ricky Dixon The veteran activist and brother of former State Senator Roscoe Dixon has the most experience in service of the candidates seeking to replace the retiring Johnnie Tuner and has my support.

State House - District 86 - I am torn.  Barbara Cooper has represented the downtown and South Memphis areas for years and has done a pretty good job.  that said, newcomers like Amber Huett Garcia have given energy and fire to the SCDP that it has desperately needed.  I am truly torn in this race and believe either would be a good choice.

State House - District 90 - Torrey Harris Just as I supported Tami Sawyer's insurgent campaign two years ago, now I support Torrey Harris in his primary challenge of John Deberry, a Democrat in Name Only these days.  Harris has worked his butt off and will be a terrific state representative, so let's give him that chance.

State House - District 91 - London Lamar I can't pretend that I am impartial here, having watched her come up through the ranks of the SCYDs to lead it and then the TYDs, having watched her work for various campaigns.  Now, it is her time, and I believe she is worthy of the support of District 91.

Oh, and I forgot the City Council SuperDistrict 9 race.

I voted for GIRLS INC. Chair Lisa Moore to get the full time slot to replace Philip Spinosa.  I am sure Ford Canale is a decent enough guy, but I don't really know him well enough to give him that seat.  Just my .02.

That is it until the fall, people, thank you as always for asking me for these, I am flattered that you think that much of them.  Keep reading!

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