Thursday, October 06, 2005

This could get ugly...

I am hearing nasty rumors that the SCDP may try to close off the meeting Thursday night to media and non-Committee members; if that's the case, the SCDP could be made to look like fools.

Jackson Baker is on the case about this idiotic compromise that has been proposed that would have Richard Fields take a "leave of absence" from the ExecCom while he fights to keep an elected Democratic official from taking office (she has been sworn in!). Jackson aptly sums up the stupidity of this idea:

Supposin’ a husband should call a meeting of his wife and kiddies, sit them down, and tell them he’s going to be gone for a few weeks, or until he straightens out the personal burdens of a deserving foxy lady he’s taken up with. “We can just suspend the family until then,” he says with his best sincere smile.


Anybody who thinks this one will fly — or deserves to — is someone who has just come into the world. Born yesterday — and unlikely to see many more days in anything resembling peace and quiet.

As Frank Burhart says, what the hell are they thinking?

Remember, Ophelia Ford wasn't my first, second, third, fourth or even 95th choice for Senate 29 - but she WAS nominated AND elected by the people of that district. As an attorney, Fields has a right to take the case; however, as a member of the Executive Committee to which he took an oath of loyalty he does NOT have that right, thus the conflict of interest.

Let me also ask you this: if Henri Brooks were the nominee and had beaten Terry Roland by 13 votes, do you honestly think Fields would be busting his ass to investigate this? Of course not.

This whole event is about far more than anyone named Ford. If you are a Democrat, this is about maintaining the integrity of the Executive Committee. Local bylaws can be MORE restrictive than the state bylaws, but not LESS, so Fields has that backwards.

When you have an issue that unites William Larsha with the Ford folks, you have something solid. There can be NO compromise here, not without making the Executive Committee look like spineless wimps who will allow anything to happen and not provide punishment.

Let me ask you another question: if this were Bizarro World where Roland WON by 13 votes and John Ryder stepped up and said that he thought the Republicans might have stolen the election, and he was going to provide FREE counsel to Ophelia Ford, what on earth do you think the GOP would do to him? THEY sure as hell wouldn't be dilly-dallying over whether they would get bad publicity or not, they would toss him into the river with anchors tied to his body (figuratively, OK?).

A Party that refuses to stand up for its nominees is NOT a party worthy of our support. If they refuse to expel Fields, in the event he refuses to resign, they won't see another dime from me for at least the next two years. I urge other concerned Shelby County Democrats to contact their district reps and tell them to throw out Fields on Thursday night.

To Matt and the Executive Committee: we'll be watching, because you're sure not keeping me out of there Thursday night.


BraveCordovaDem said...

I pretty much agree with the comments in yesterday's post. As an EC committee member and an old grizzled veteran, I can't see me doing anything but voting to expel. If I didn't vote to expel, it would be to keep him on and do nothing.

I'm all for compromise most of the time but this one is ridiculous. It makes me seriously doubt Matt's ability to be chair and I am wondering if he should be asked to resign as well.

We are not asking members to do the impossible. You don't HAVE to work for Dems but you ARE obligated not to support Repubs. Is that such a hard thing to require?

I will personally object if there is a lockout. We need to keep order but we should remain an inclusive party and that doesn't mean acting like a secret society or a private club.

BraveCordovaDem said...

What can I say?

For immediate release:

The Shelby County Democratic Party's Executive Committee will be considering a matter of internal party discipline at its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, October 6, 2005. To ensure that all members of the Executive Committee are able to address concerns of internal policy with the highest level of candor, that portion of the meeting will be closed to non-members. Consideration of all other matters on the meeting's agenda will be open to the public and press. The Party recognizes the importance of keeping the press and the public informed about its actions. To that end, an official statement will be available immediately following the conclusion of Thursday's meeting, and Chairman Matthew Kuhn will be on hand to make public comment at that time.

Tom Nesbitt
Chair, Public Relations Committee

DemoBitch said...

BraveCordovaDem you beat me to it!

I am so disgusted right now I am physically ill.

No wonder the Demos are no longer the party of the people. It is because of this type of leadership that we will continue to lose to the Republicans.

I a TRUE DEMOCRAT call for the immediate removal of Matt Kuhn as our party leader and anyone else who does not have the guts to say what they have to say in front of fellow Democrats, committee member or not.

polar donkey said...

This is Brad Watkins, a Executive Committee member, and Organizer for Democracy For Memphis.
Thanks to Polar Donkey for allowing me to use his computer

…..Good God….”Sigh”, This is incredibly sad and disappointing, that anyone on this committee would think that a closed door meeting would in anyway be the right way to handle this. Fields has to go, pure and simple, and this nonsense about a closed door meeting has to go as well, believe me there has to be a vote on that one, and I have no intention of voting for a measure that does not allow for Democrats and the press to attend a meeting of their party. I have heard a lot of talk over the past few weeks about PRINCIPLES from both sides, but fact is, there is only one side here. If you plan on voting by your principles, then you will have no trouble saying your peace and casting your vote in public. All of us on the Exec Comm, signed a Loyalty Oath, this summer…including Mr. Fields. We all also voted to re-approve the current bylaws…. Mr. Fields in fact made the motion. So, I know that Mr. Fields understands what this issue is all about. The fact is that this is simply the Republicans capitalizing on TENNESSEE WALTZ, and using any and all means to convince the public that the problems of corruption in our government are exclusively Democratic. Mr. Fields blinded by a personal feud has allowed himself to become a walking, talking Republican sound bite for right wingers running for office across this state. “See Bubba, the Dems are corrupt, even Richard Fields says so.”
He is in contact and working in concert with open minded men of the people…like Ed Bryant?. Let me get this straight, Richard Fields does not trust the Democratic members of the Shelby County Election Commission, but for some strange reason does trust the Republican controlled State Senate? , and Ed “I am running for U.S. Senate” Bryant.
Best of all. he has presented ZERO, ZIP, NADA, NOTHING, in the way of evidence to the Committee. He failed to make even the smallest effort to bring his concerns to his fellow committee members. Fields simply has to go.

LeftWingCracker said...


good to hear from you. My understanding is that the Steering Committee will RECOMMEND that the Fields discussion be closed to non-members; however, the ExecCom will vote up or down on that motion.

polar donkey said...

Referring to the Fields situation. “This is the last matter we should be putting on the front burner when there’s so much else we Democrats should be talking about,” Kuhn said

I'm going to have to disagree about this. Sometimes you have to let people fight it out. The Democratic Party has had a real problem with Vichy Democrats. The biggest example locally being Herenton supporting Lamar Alexander as well as Wharton's support of Gibbons. Wasn't this why Kuhn proposed the Covenant Committee in order "to hold candidates' feet to the fire." I personally was hoping to see where people stood on Party loyalty and accountability. A role call vote on Fields would have been where the rubber meets the road. By making accountability a front burner issue, it is a start to distinguishing Democrats from Republicans.
So now there has been an agreement between Fields, Kuhn, and Tuke. I guess we will see what it is in a few hours.

Anonymous said...

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