Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What part of CONFLICT OF INTEREST don't you understand?

I have just read a disturbing post from Frank Burhart at Polar Donkey. According to the Donkey, there may be a move afoot to allow Richard Fields to remain on the Executive Committee while he continues to work against a Democratic elected official!

This is a clear violation of the SCDP bylaws. Period. End of discussion.

Here is an excerpt:

What is the Shelby County Democratic Party thinking? Richard Fields has gone off the reservation and now wants to drag the Party with him. I first heard about Fields doing pro bono work for Terry Roland and the republicans a couple weeks ago. To me it was a no brainer, he has to be thrown off the Executive Committee. I don’t care what his motivation for attempting to give a democratically elected Senate seat to the republicans is. The problem is, he didn’t come to the Party to try to work out his concerns about the vote. If the Party didn’t take action that satisfied him, then Fields should have resigned and then gone to work with the republicans. But some how, there is talk now in the Party’s Executive Committee of a compromise. WTF?! Fields has been able to turn this from a simple issue of Party rules into a debate based on rhetoric of clean elections. Richard Fields took an oath and he broke that oath by working against a Democratic candidate and now certified elected official. Some are going to say, clean elections help the Party in the long run. That is true. The problem is he didn’t go about this the right way. If you break the law, cops don’t ask you about your motivation, they just arrest you. Well, the Shelby County Democratic Party must fulfill is duty and throws Fields out.

I agree. The post also notes that Fields has been participating in regular conference calls with John Ryder and Ed Bryant. Yes, you read that right.

We are now beyond the point of requesting resignation; this demands that Fields be expelled from the ExecCom. One CANNOT provide advise and counsel to a Republican nominee while serving on the board of directors (ExecCom) of the Democratic Party. Any suggestion to the contrary is just an act of dissemblance.


DynoDonkey said...

I'm afraid the rumor is no rumor at all. Our very own Party Chairman introduced the "compromise" solution. Under the "compromise" plan, Mr. Fields would take a one to two month leave of absence from the Executive Committee. He would be allowed to continually publicly comment on the Republican effort to steal this election and he would be allowed to continue assisting them in this effort. What is worse is that he has indeed been speaking with Ryder and Bryant. He fully recognizes that he does not play a "legal" role in this farce; but rather provides political "bi-partisan" cover in the Republican public relations campaign aimed at stealing the election. He seems quite comfortable in his role and has the Repugnant Republican rhetoric down to a fine art. He's had a big gulp of their cool aid and passed his glass back for refills.

Perhaps more disturbing than this, is whispers that the Steering Committee will attempt to introduce the “compromise” before Dell Gill's resolution can be voted on- thereby attempting to defeat the Resolution before argument on its merits have been heard by the full Executive Committee.

This proposed "compromise" sickens me as much if not more than Mr. Fields disgraceful and arrogant behavior. Where is the leadership?

The Chairman of the State Party has condemned Fields actions and offered to stand with the local Party chair in asking for his ouster- it remains to be seen whether this Committee can muster the courage of its convictions or simply become obsolete through ineffectual "go along to get along" leadership.

I urge every Executive Committee member to think about the ramifications of accepting such a compromise. If Mr. Fields' behavior is not actionable - what else will we allow?

rabidyellowdog said...

All we heard during the Democratic Caucus and Convention was it's time for a change, out with the old in with the new. In all my years of working with the Democratic Party,I have never heard of or seen most of the people on the committee.
You wil never see people like David Cocke,Jim Strickland,Danny Kail or the host of other dedicated Democrats (choke,choke) represent a Republican pro bono or for paid legal fees over a Democrat.
We all know the Republicans are trying to take over the House of Representatives, now all the Democratic Legislators are going to be screwed. The GOP's job will be alot easier now that they have their people on OUR committee. Here's to the new committee.Sorry Reps.Cooper,Brooks,J.Deberry,L.Deberry,Miller,Turner,Towns,Marrero,Kernell and any other Rep. I may have forgotten, we all loved having you as our State Reps., but ya'l are f***ed in "06"

DynoDonkey said...

My question is this- all those new people on the Committee associated with Democracy for Memphis or Mid South Democrats in Action who rightly or wrongly find the inclination and time to criticize our Congressman and other elected officials for not being democratic enough- WHERE ARE YOU- why have you not stood up to condemn the actions of this member of your Committee who is clearly either unconcerned or unapologeticly attempting to thwart the will of Democratic voters and the best interest of the local and State Party?

Where are you Brad, David, Margo, Ted, Lynn and Pat?

rabidyellowdog said...

They probably are doing paralegal work for Fields and don't have the nads to respond.

ShelbyDem said...

I'm one of the new people on the EC.

Tomorrow night I'm voting to throw out the collaberator.

If you don't like a Democrat, then don't work for them. It is inexcusable however to work against them.

rabidyellowdog said...

Good for you shelbydem, at least you have the guts to speak out against this terrible betrayal. Benedict Fields should be sent packing.

polar donkey said...

As if tomorrow's EC meeting isn't bad enough. There is talk now of making it closed to the media and people not on the EC. That's BS. Are they afraid of not showing party unity. Im pretty sure the cat is out of the bag. The EC is voting on throwing a vichy democrat out. Everybody knows this. You may as well let everyone see. Is the EC going to throw out Bob Tuke as well. He's going to be there. We sure don't want to look like fools in front of him. Oh no, it's too late, we already look like fools. Note to the Executive Committee, there can be no compromise. Throw Richard Fields out.

rabidyellowdog said...

You never heard or saw this type behavior with the old guard as we were called or "Uptonites". I'm proud to be an " Uptonite"

polar donkey said...

The EC meetings outcome will be dependent on what stance Matt Kuhn takes. If he pushes for Fields removal it will most likely happen. If he comes out for the compromise, than its a disaster. Fields will not be removed and it will be a festering sore for as long he remains on the EC. The party will be discredited and we will be laughing stocks.

DynoDonkey said...

You are exactly right - this will succeed or fail on the leadership of the Chair.

Unfortunately, Kuhn has been asked by the Chairman of the State Party to come out for removal- and he has so far declined to do so. I'd like to think that he will suddenly have an about face - which with him is entirely possible (remember the unendorsed endorsement)- but I seriously doubt that is going to happen tonight.

As for "rumors" of a closed meeting. They are true. The Steering Committee voted to exclude the media from the meeting at the suggestion of the Chair.

They also had a thirty minute closed door session of the Steering Committee on Tues.

Strange times indeed.

Anonymous said...

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